Training Update Week 10

Looks like I'm not as dedicated to blogging about this training session as I thought I was going to be! Today wraps up week 10 of the 16 weeks on the schedule before my first 50k race. I ran 24 yesterday and with plenty of time to think about it, I made a mental list of how I'm feeling about this upcoming run.

Excited about: Getting to spend some time on a new trail during the race. Race day nerves (sometimes I hate this feeling, but most of the time it's good). The sun being up during most of my runs now! Also, I've been pretty good about wearing sunscreen lately and with the exception of a few missed spots near the seams of my tank top yesterday, haven't no evidence of too much sun. Enjoying the running part still. Usually the first few miles of a long run are not as fun, I'm anxious about making it and feel a little creaky and heavy-footed, but at about 3.5 I start to feel good again. I'm really stoked about running further on my usual routes and seeing more of the city lately, and am looking forward to more adventures this summer knowing I can run further than I used to be able to.

Freaked about: The last 6-7 miles of the race aka The Unknown. Blisters. My current shoes are not good. They do not resemble the cushioning in that photo either, I can feel practically everything in my forefoot. Since I run/prance heavily on that part of my foot these are not the shoes for me. However - I have found a good local running store I plan on getting my next pair from, just have to find some cushion and maybe some with some trail grip. Another thing I'm freaked about is my lack of training time on the actual race terrain. I've been getting on gravel/grass/trail whenever available on my training runs, but there's no way I can get to the course once a week to make sure I'm ready for that situation. 

Unsure about: My nutrition strategy. Yesterday was not the best. I've been a little to cavalier about my nutrition/hydration/gear techniques lately. I've been completely dependent on public water fountains and still have no hydration vest (on my to-get list for 2 months). Yesterday I ate two Gus, one Huma (yummmm), and some Honey Stinger chews. I had a HS Waffle a few weeks ago that was so good, SO GOOD, on the run that I think I need to invest in a few more of those since I don't think there was any stomach churn after eating. My biggest concern right now is getting a mobile water system and moving away from the Gus, they seem to be the ones that made my stomach kink a little bit on the run yesterday. Also, a hydration vest would open up my running routes a bit so I didn't have to stick so close to the water fountains I know about. 

Surprised by: How casual I've been about training so far. How little gear I've purchased. How this training has not been great for my aerial training. Last marathon training session, using Hanson's, I feel like my aerial skills benefitted from the extra miles and endurance training, but this time around I'm so exhausted from long-runs and higher mileage that my rope skills kind of suck. Also, I'm only getting one day of aerial training in which is not enough. I think it's a combination of fatigue and timing that are not playing well together. After this race I can taper back on the miles and add a little more time in the air, looking forward to that for sure. 

Today there's an hour of running on the schedule and then  just relaxing for a bit. And maybe finally getting a stupid camelbak of some kind. 

 post run joy from a few weeks ago

post run joy from a few weeks ago