Training Update: Week 3

This post would make more sense if I had posted a Week 1 and Week 2 updates, or even an introduction to what I'm training for that matter, but lets just go with it. 

Week 3: 50k Training

Mon: Off (sleeeeeep)

Tues: 1hr Treadmill AM

Wed: 50 min hilly run

Thurs: 1:15-1:30hr easy - run to work

Fri: easy 3.3mi Treadmill AM

Sat: 14mi Long Run

Sun: 1 hr Treadmill

Overall Feeling: Tired. A little hungry. Still happy to be running. My favorite runs are point to point and not out and back, so running to work is so nice. Once I get into a better packing/night before prep routine, it will be a totally chill situation. Also, I am anxiously awaiting more daylight as we get closer to June. It's only going to get better from here. 

I'm enjoying the mix of treadmill and outdoor runs with this training schedule so far. As someone who just started watching the Queer Eye reboot I'm #blessed to be have the treadmill time to watch them work their magic. I feel like the goal of this training plan is running lots and running on tired legs and will get those miles in however I can. 

Here's my public notes-to-self of things I need to get (running related) before this training goes much further:

-mace (it's dark!)

-new running shoes to alternate

-keep running with my backpack, figure out what my water strategy is going to be on race day, and see if these 2 things are related...

-honey stingers chews or some sort of other running fuel. I had a gu from previous marathon training this weekend for the first time in 2 years and it was gross. But not that bad? I just feel like there's got to be a better way. 

Okay, anyone out there run an ultra lately? Thoughts/ideas/tips/shared fears? I'm all ears.