January Empties

A new year, a new routine! Here are some items that I've tried out so far in 2018. 


Estee Lauder Enlighten Serum - I bought this serum because I've had such a good experience with my Lauder ANR serum, I figured the rest of the family would be good too. I actually think this did help clear up some acne scarring and sun spots, but what I love about the Advanced Night Repair is the moisture and this serum misses that a little bit. It was great paired with my Double Serum or a little ANR, but alone it wasn't enough. The blue bottle though was lovely enough to make me want to take a photo of it before recycling and thus reminded me to write an empties post, so I guess that's a win. I finished it up in about 3-4 weeks with AM + PM use since the lack of moisturizing properties made me keep pumping to get more out of it. Probably will not repurchase, there are plenty more serums in the sea that I have my eyes on, but worth it if you're looking for something to help lift some light spots. 




Amore Pacific Vintage Single Extract Essence - Still not totally sure what this one does or if I was even using it right, but I got this as a sample and had never tried anything from the brand before so gave it a whirl. It seems really expensive for something so watery you're supposed to slap on your face, but maybe after my most recent (and still kind of on going) breakout, I felt like it helped tone down some of the angry skin feeling I was having. That is when I could aim it at the right section of my face. This is not something I would ever buy, but if anyone can teach me how to use it or has a compelling argument for why, please send my way. 


Christophe Robin Shade Variation Care Mask - As a girl with some white hair, I love this mask. I would put it on after shampoo/condition and walk around like a smurf for about 20 minutes before rinsing out and creating a gorgeous indigo waterfall in my tub. I use Clairol Shimmer Lights but that stuff is so drying and smells over perfumed and stale at the same time. This purple goo helped keep my hair somewhat soft for about 2-3 days after using, and helped keep the tone from turning too brassy while not smelling like repulsive. I've actually got this in my shopping cart rn but since it's priced a little luxe for me, I'm trying to see how long I can wait before repurchasing. 



Lancome La Base Pro - When my makeup started sliding due to an update in moisturizer, I reached for this sample to help keep it in place and it did just that. I really like this and will likely repurchase, but swapped it out for a primer with SPF instead as a way to get some protection back in my daily routine. If I can find a straight SPF moisturizer I like, I'll easily switch back to this. 

And those, my friends, are the products that jumped in and out my regimen this last month. I've started using a new serum, night moisturizer, and mask that I will someday run out of and review here eventually. So far the serum is lackluster, if the moisturizer is too fragranced but good, and the mask is helpful for blackhead breakouts. More on those later!