The satisfaction of finishing even sample sized products never gets old. I'm trying to have a one-in, one-out system with my bathroom stash but it's getting harder the longer I work in beauty. Not only are the samples coming in on their own, I'm having a hard time stopping myself from "researching" and buying other products not directly in my department to make sure I know what's up. Here are a couple items that I finally finished in the last few weeks.

1: Tiny ANR Sample bottle. This little guy has been refilled from my 1.7oz a few times this summer because it's perfect for weekend trips and overnight excursions where I don't want to risk spilling my entire bottle from home. I've starting adding a few drops in the AM as well as the night-time recommended usage and I think it's made a difference in my moisturizer and makeup application. I'm kind of now in the market for a day serum the doesn't have the word "night" in the name. 


2: Clinique Rinse Off Eye Makeup Solvent. I only ever use makeup remover in sample size and have never intentionally bought it because part of me thinks it's a scam, but then I end up using and loving the remover I get as a sample. This leads me to believe I should probably purchase one of my own not that this one is empty. One downfall is that the consistency is very watery and I spilled quite a bit of it just sloshing it around on to a cotton ball, and also I'm clumsy. I think I'd prefer an oilier solvent so I don't end up just dumping all of it down the drain. 


3: Clarins Instant Light Lip Oil - Honey. Not a lipgloss girl so I don't know if this is actually worth reviewing. It's better than the MAC clear lip glass I used about 10 years ago, that I can tell you. The smell is not offensive, the consistency is glossy, slightly sticky, and makes you look like you are wearing gloss. One nice thing is that it actually felt pretty hydrating so if you are a lip gloss person, that is a point in its favor. I think I will always prefer a lipstick to a gloss though, or just straight up Vaseline. 


In other beauty product news I'm really looking forward to trying this in Black Cassis and this in Blue Tansy someday.