Mid-September Empties

A new round of empties! And these are some hard goodbyes for me this time around.  


Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser: my true cleanser. My skin is always happy when I use this. It feels clean, it's gentle but actually cleanses, and it's not too expensive. Will definitely miss this while trying some new samples but will likely buy again soon.  

La Roche Posay Antihelios XL Cream: I bought this in a French pharmacy and the smell will forever remind me of wandering the streets of Paris in dangerous, UV laden overcast skies. I can't really throw this away just yet but it is very empty. No white caste, not too thick, perfect under makeup, French. Basically perfect.  

Lalicious "The Oil": I got this body oil from a work sample and it smells like everything I wanted to smell like in high school and is crazy moisturizing. Coconut-y, vanilla-y, oily. Dousing myself with this after a shower felt so luxurious, but I frequently overused and had to wander around holding all my limbs akimbo to let myself dry. Don't regret a minute of it, great for the last dregs of summer. A quick note - it is coconut oil, so it hardens when the room temps cool. Around September 1 it started to solidify on me, but running it under warm water quickly returned it to a usable state. 

Since it's actually October at the time of posting, I'll include a couple things I'm currently using. I added a serum to my morning routine instead and I think it's great. I love using ANR at night so this was an easy add to the AM and it's helping my skin feel moisturized during the day along with a new sample moisturizer that's tbd. I've also started using an eye cream and honestly can't tell if it's doing anything, but I'll stick with it and let you know. 

Anything you're using that's keeping in the moisture as the air gets drier and colder?