A Running Update!

Can you believe it? I have been running even though it hasn't shown up here or in a Garmin satellite database (obviously don't know how that technology works) but trust me, I have still moved my legs faster than walking for brief periods of time, and often daily! I've started re-watching parks and rec and that stupid show alone is enough to make want to spend hours running mindlessly in my basement staring at my iPad. I've also loaned out both of my Garmins, so my motivation to hit the roads and gather some sweet data has pretty much been obliterated. I do miss seeing my maps of where I ran in town though, so I may switch back eventually. 

I have my first "race" that I'll be running watch free today and I think first race since October. It's an excuse to run with my BFFs so I'm not worried about anything other than showing up and running 3.1 miles and then sweaty hugging my girls. It's one of the best joys in life. I am even planning on breaking rule # 1 of racing and running in new gear that I've never worn before! I finally broke down and bought some new running capris and I'm super excited to wear them. All of my running clothes, with the exception of 2 tops that are super lightweight, smell like a deadly combo of BO, sweat, mildew, and possibly pee, and my 60% of my bottoms have some sort of inappropriate hole making them risky for public presentation. 

So far this week I've run all my miles on the treadmill and in the morning before work, I'm hoping the roads aren't too terrible of a shock for my delicate (lol) legs. Wish me luck!