Heart Rate Update

If you ever wonder if the Healthy Choice fudgsicles at Grocery Outlet are worth it, the answer is yes. It was 80 some degrees this weekend so spouse and I went to the grocery store and bought about 70 different frozen treats to hold us over. It worked and was wonderful.  

Other than buying truckloads of freezer filler, we also ran a new route from Capital Hill link station through Interlaken to Montlake play field. When we run together, partner man usually plans a route that is mostly downhill and mostly new, and I love it. We found some good views, saw some ducks, and were grateful for outside time. 

Sunday I gave myself an open ended run downhill and toward the lake with my orca card in my pocket in case I got too hot. Saturday I did the same and actually ended up taking the train back from Columbia City when it was time for the run to be over. I only really freaked out one guy on the train who stared a LOT as I was standing up because he realized I was red faced and completely covered in sweat, and relatively calm. I guess that can be a little upsetting if you're not expecting it. Friday morning I ran a few miles outside before work. It was light and nice. 

All of my times have been 1-2 mins per mile slower than I'm used to seeing, but I'm focusing on my heart rate more lately as an experiment for myself. Running is really enjoyable for me but I tend to get really caught up in routes and times and paces and mileage and garbage that takes away from the fun parts, so I'm trying to keep myself more relaxed during the run. I think this helps me with mental and physical fatigue. It's also refreshing to have a new kind of goal. I've had pace and distance goals in the past, this is a different way for me to approach it and one that forces me to slow down and enjoy the run. Way less stressful than the others. 

Indid a treadmill run tonight, first one since being back from vacation. It was a little rocky at first, felt  off balance a bit, but this song came on and I found my feet.