Here's a haul of things I've finished up lately. And some giant pictures of my hands because I don't understand blogging.


Clarins Energy Booster.jpg

Clarins Booster ENERGY: Meh. In theory, adding something like this runny liquid to your daily moisturizer and having it revive your skin is great. In reality it was just kind of messy and hard to quantify. I couldn't tell a difference between when I used it and when I didn't, it kind of spilled everywhere but also seemed to last forever. The thing is, I've read some really great reviews about it so maybe I was just doing something wrong. Would not purchase, but there I am curious about this, seems like it would be easier to measure results.

ANR 3.9.jpg

Advanced Night Repair Serum: My entry into serums, my one true love, my staple. I may try other serums in my life, but all compare back to this one. Love forever. 


BioOil: I bought this on Amazon because after ripping up my legs this summer on rope, I wanted to try and reduce some of the scarring left behind. It smells medicinal but feels great going on. I've read mixed reviews about the efficacy and really couldn't tell a huge difference in the scarring, but it actually helped the bumpy chicken skin on the backs of my legs. Overall my skin felt better using it and has been my gateway into body oils. Would probably repurchase, but I've got other stuff in queue. bio

Clinique Cleanser.jpg

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild: Obviously a sample I received in some sort of promo, but I kept this in my shower and found myself reaching for it at the end of the day to get everything off of my face. I usually use Cetaphil, but this gave me a squeaky clean feeling for and got rid of all makeup, even crazy mascara. I'm actually thinking about buying this again, or at least trying to get another sample to make sure I always have some around. Clinique is really gentle and non-scented, things I didn't ever think I was into, but this is a straight up good product at a reasonable price, gotta love that. 

Clinique MS Super Concentrate.jpg

Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Super Charged Concentrate: An okay, mild moisturizer. For all of the superlatives in the name, I kind of expected more. I love the pump, but also just love their regular Moisture Surge formula better. This was nice and light, and would be good for oilier skin, but my desert dry face needs a little more love during the day. Good for layering with a heavy duty serum.