Mid-Month Update

Running! Still a lot on the treadmill, but I got outside for 2 good runs in the last few weeks. Last weekend I got in 8 miles at my old favorite waterfront route and today 4.5 with my husband (!!) as we ran to get burgers and bus it back home. I think a lot of my lack of outside motivation, including the darkness and weather, has been boredom with my location. I'm really into the idea of running to a destination, run commuting, or trail running. I think my desire for hitting a certain pace is the furthest thing from my mind when running in those kinds of situations and that makes me happy. 

I need some recommendations for a good running backpack and a good running rain jacket and hat or hood combo. I think if I could envision a warm and more dry run than I am lately I'd be more like to get out when the weather sucks. Also, I should probably keep my eyes peeled for my next pair of running shoes. I've got about 300+ on both pairs I'm rotating right now, the end is near. 

Today is a pretty shitty day but tomorrow I am expecting it to turn around a bit. I hope you are marching and I hope you are taking care of yourself and people around you. I hope we are all paying more attention to what is going on in the world. Be kind. Be patient. Be active. According to my stats, I have had 0 visits so I really think this is an effective way to get my message out. I guess I like knowing that I am hopefully one less troll out there.