December Review

**I just wrote an entire post about how I feel about treadmill running and how sometimes I feel it's not real running and I have no motivation to race but I also love running a lot right now so all these emotions are making me feel emotions about running. Then Chrome crashed so eff it**

Total Miles: 166.5

Total Runs: 26

Longest Run: 10.1 mi

Shortest Run: 2.3 mi

The majority of these were on my treadmill and I felt bad about it for a hot second but now I don't. Now I'm going to eat my gingerbread house I made from scratch and watch football. Here's a picture of me at a donut shop that I love that went out of business but was just bought by another family so maybe not all hope is lost. And I will eat donuts again but hopefully somebody will clean the bathroom before they re-open and I will stop wearing these old running shoes that have holes in them and suck in the rain but are so effin comfortable.