Week 16


8/28 Sun Iron Horse Half Marathon + 3 Treadmill Miles

8/29 Mon 5 miles treadmill easy

8/30 Tues 4x1.5 mile repeats w/ warm up and cool down 10.5 miles total

8/31 Wed Rest

9/1 Thurs 10 mile tempo, 12 miles total

9/2 Fri 6 miles treadmill easy

Last Sunday my BFF and I drove out to North Bend, pinned on bibs, and got on a school bus that trucked us to the start line of a wonderful, downhill trail race. I knew the course elevation was 'fast' but I was surprised by how beautiful the course was as well. If I can get my shit together I will write a real race recap later and post it. Short version - it was good but I may have run too fast for the middle of training and finishing my highest mileage week that day. 

Due to the race and to the return of some very PNW style weather, I hopped on the treadmill for more miles than usual this week. That includes 6 I did yesterday instead of the 5 on schedule (learn to read...) that then promptly landed me back in bed with sinus pressure and a headache that wouldn't go away. Our office has been a cess pool of germs lately so I was grateful for my laptop and the chance to get in my work that day from my bed and the couch. 

Tuesday's strength workout suffered because of my still tired legs. I managed to hit most of the paces but there was a microscopic tiny uphill at the start of the third repeat that nearly killed me. My left quad was yelling at me, reminding me of the downhill I had trampled for 13.1 miles just 2 days before. In the end I made it through, but was very grateful for a rest day on Wed. Tuesday also happened to be demo week in Aerial, my last of the level 1 class. I'm moving to a 2/3 class in a few weeks and that wonderful, nervous, terrified feeling is beginning again. I don't feel like I mastered some of the skills in level 1 and it's going to come back and bite me. Anything I can't do in aerial class though is usually just more incentive to do some core work. Yuck. 

Tempo on Thursday I swear still felt some lingering soreness/tiredness from Sunday, but after mile 4 or 5 it eased up and felt pretty good. I can't believe I only have one tempo left!! How on earth did I get here? I have been feeling strangely nostalgic and sentimental about this training cycle unlike any other I have done. I keep flipping back through my log to see all the miles and workouts that made me so nervous before trying and disbelieving that I actually completed them. The small problem with this kind of thinking is that I keep forgetting training isn't actually over yet and I still have one small 26.2 mile workout to do in 15 days in addition to 2 more weeks of training. 

This week my goal is to stay in the training headspace and not half ass any workouts or start missing sleep etc. because I feel like the training is complete. It's not. Note the looming final 10 mile tempo and 6x1 mile repeats coming up this week. Also, the runger made a pretty strong appearance this week and yesterday I think I ate 3 dinners. I'm hoping this doesn't destroy my upcoming weekend miles, but I was just an amazing bottomless pit last night. It started around 3pm and finally stopped around 7:30. These stupid Invisalign were the only things that stopped me from eating through our entire kitchen.

Taking the trays out to eat and brushing after every meal, plus having to wear them 22 hours a day has really put a damper on the amount of food I would like to shove in my mouth lately. I've been adding a smoothie after some meals just to get something down quickly before having to brush and put them back in for a few hours. 

I still have my miles this weekend to get in plus a week of workouts before taper. I feel about 60-70% prepared for the race. That lingering 30-40% is mostly mental as it usually is, but it's enough to remind me I still have work to do in the upcoming weeks. Now I'm off to finish up week 16 after this coffee is gone. How's your training going?