Marathon Recovery

So recovery felt pretty good the first 2 days. I was walking down the halls at work and would want to sprint to my next meeting or back to my desk. My legs felt great. Waking up in the morning felt great. After the race I took an Epsom salt bath (which I will not stop talking about) and haven't had any soreness. I have a toenail that I think got a blister underneath it during the run and is now threatening to make a break for it but other than that, recovery has physically been going pretty well. However, since about Wednesday waking up has been more difficult, I haven't been drinking enough water, and I've been fighting a tiny cold/sore throat. I can't really tell when I'm hungry or not but don't worry, I've been eating just about the same amount of food as I did while training. I feel like my body is starting to recalibrate a little bit and is not too happy with the lack of miles but also just doesn't know what is up. I really want to run again, but also really like sleeping too. I think I should wait at least 10 days before trying even though the plan was a full two weeks. I'm feeling okay cutting it a few days short since I wasn't really sore, and my plan is a walk/run strategy with my dog. We'll see. It's all up in the air. Does anyone else get this weird limbo feeling after a big race? I know I will miss this time of rest once I get started again, but it just makes me feel weird. Like tired but not, hungry but not, stressed but not. My body and mind aren't on the same page. 

I have however, finally been able to see past Sept 18 on the calendar and am getting excited for other people's races (LB!!!), think about Halloween costumes, and enjoy sleeping in (way too much). Also, spending time relaxing with my family and friends has been really nice the last few days. I've also started thinking about the running plan a tiny bit. Maybe a relaxed puppy 5k and a cold winter half marathon (flat???), maybe some trail races? I do love getting out into the woods on the weekend, seeing my breath and running with other strangers who enjoy the same. I'm still not committed to anything just yet, but I'm keeping my calendar open and trying not to go completely nuts. 

Okay, back to my recovery. I just finished my coffee and will be taking my dogs on a walk only. Then hanging out with more family and watching football. Sounds like an okay Sunday.