Week 18

9/15 Thurs 6 miles neighborhood

9/16 Fri 5 miles easy treadmill

9/17 Sat 3 miles easy at the Park


It's done! I really want to do a recap so I don't forget all of the feelings and thoughts I had about this race and the training. I'm up now drinking coffee and making my way leisurely into the office this morning, but I honestly feel pretty good. An epsom salt bath yesterday has seemed to help relieve most of the soreness I was feeling in my calves from mile 16 until going to bed last night. Things I want to make sure I don't forget to talk about when recapping later: pacing, nutrition, hydration, and body glide.

Today officially starts my 2 week recovery with zero running so I'm going to try and put together my recap for Iron Horse too, (3 weeks late, whoops) and not fall completely off the blog band wagon. Next goal: Getting my dog to run a 5k AND make her comfortable on mass transit so we don't have to park at the race. I may be in over my head. 

I'm glad my muscles (as of right now) don't feel completely trashed because I have my second Aerial 2/3 class tonight. I include the 3 like it could apply to me, but no, I'm definitely the 2 in that split. Maybe even the 1.5. Either way, class was fun last week and I have  new coach/teacher for the first time in almost 2 years so that's exciting! She's been with Cirque de Soleil and a bunch of other phenomenal sounding groups so I'm really looking forward to learning a bunch from her. Also, she kept saying she's into the boring technical stuff in Aerial which I absolutely need more time and work on, so I think it will be challenging but very much worth it class. 

Happy Monday All, now I have to run and catch a bus. LOL JK I'm not running anywhere because I literally cannot, because the rules.  

 Run a marathon? Hmmm... 

Run a marathon? Hmmm...