Week 17 + Taper Week

9/6 Tues - 6x1 mile repeats 9.75 mi total

9/7 Wed - Rest

9/8 Thurs - 10 Mile Tempo 12.2 mi total

9/9 Fri - Morning Treadmill - 6 mi

9/10 Sat - Morning Neighborhood 6 mi

9/11 Sun - 8 mi at the Lake

9/12 Mon - Morning Treadmill - 5 mi

9/13 Tues - Evening Neighborhood Run - 5mi

9/14 Wed - Rest Day

Here we are, Taper Week. I'm not feeling more nuts than I expected, but the crazy is most definitely here. I'm feeling a bit restless right now as I type, but still am enjoying having a few more minutes each day to either sleep or eat. 

My attitude about Race Day keeps fluctuating but as of this moment I feel pretty okay about the whole thing. I'm pretty happy with how training went so even if the marathon totally blows chunks, I poop my pants and hit the wall at mile 4, I'll still be happy with how I spent my summer. That doesn't mean I won't be disappointed and go on an amazing tirade about the lying load of crap that is Hanson's. Until that point comes though I remain hopeful that the training plan will do what it promised to do since I (mostly) did what I promised to do. I missed one day when I thought I had a stress fracture but really had too small of shoes. I moved 2 runs to the evening which were the last two Tuesdays. Also, there were two track workouts I moved to the treadmill and held a lot of guilt about that for a while but have since let it go.  Writing this out makes me feel like a little bit of a freak. What are you going to do. 

During my run last night I got an unwanted reminder of why I have preferred morning running lately. There were about 3 sick catcalls and some of the grossest leering from male drivers I have seen in a while. What is it about dudes? I ended up running my middle 2-4 miles much too fast last night (not in the spirit of taper) because I was pissed. It immediately makes me question my safety and everything I'm doing when really it's not my fault and I shouldn't be scared to run in the daylight in my own neighborhood!! (or anywhere for that matter) So frustrating. Also frustrating is that I can't seem to get a response together fast enough and just end up frustrated and steaming for the rest of my run. Anyway, rant over. 

My running plan for the rest of the week is easy for the next few days and eating various forms of bread, pretzels, pizza, and oatmeal. Also, note to self I need to get some body glide and nuun. Also, finalize the outfit and sleep as much as possible. 

AAAAHHHH I can't believe there are only 3 more runs and then it's the race!  Holy Shit!!