Week 12 Marathon Training + Socks!

7/31: 16 mile long run 1-90 Bridge!

8/1: 5 mile treadmill run

8/2: 4 x 1.5 mile repeats 1.25W UP+ 1.75 mi CD 11+ miles total

8/3: Wed Rest

8/4: 9 mi Tempo + 1mi WU 1 mi CD

8/5: Rest - kind of shitty, let's not talk about this just yet.

8/6: 8 miles easy neighborhood

8/7: 10 miles easy neighborhood

The theme of this week has been my feet. Ugh. The jury is still out with what exactly is up right now, but I'm trying to stay positive and also not dwell on it. I'll hopefully have more of an update in a few days. Fingers crossed that I'm just being paranoid and weird and overthinking something. Whatever it is has inspired some shakeups in my below the ankle wardrobe. Nothing like a little hitch in your giddyup to make you spend too much money at Road Runner

Round 1 of sock+shoe combo trials to improve overall feet happiness = Zella socks + Saucony Ride 9. 

 (Similar socks  here , shoes  here .) 

(Similar socks here, shoes here.) 

This is my usual shoe with new socks I am fit testing for work. I loved these socks. I usually run in super thin, cotton Adidas or Nike socks I get from the Rack. I also always get blisters of some kind, usually in between my toes and lately some pretty gnarly ones underneath my toes on my right foot. (16 miles last weekend was not pretty). Changing to a more cushioned and non-cotton sock made a huge difference. I've always been a little cautious of thicker socks because I worry about my feet getting too hot or taking up precious real estate in my shoes. However these had these got rid of all my fears with my feet feel awesome and super cushioned the whole 8 miles. Still had some mystery foot stuff, but that is something different I think. 

 Shoes  here , socks  here . 

Shoes here, socks here

This morning I tried out my new Brooks Glycerin 13 (on sale!) and also new Injinji socks. I got the Glycerins in an attempt to replace my Triumph 1's as another cushy option and picked up the Injinji's to combat the supreme blister problems I've been having lately. Again, success all around. NOT A SINGLE BLISTER. This hasn't happened like, ever. I didn't realize that it could happen. Definitely a convert to these socks and abandoning my thin cotton socks altogether. I have read so many positive reviews of these socks, I dont know what took me so long. The shoes felt good, fit well, and hopefully will be a good add to my rotation. I like having a cushioned and lighter option to swap between. 


So overall another good week of miles with the exception of mystery foot problem. I'm loving the miles and am really love running in the morning as well. I get sad every day I see the sunrise getting later and later, but that just means starting a bit later and strapping on some sort of blinking light for those first few miles.

My legs feel good and I am really enjoying the Hanson's method so far. I'm starting week 13 tomorrow and I really cannot believe it. 13 weeks ago I didn't think I could run in the mornings, run 6 days a week, run a long run after a medium run the day before, run a speed workout, or run this many miles total per week. I'm trying to absorb each run and enjoy the process, and so far that part hasn't been too hard. I'm having more of a difficult time visualizing a successful race. Maybe it's the lack of 20 mile runs or now this crazy foot thing, but I just can't see it all coming together. I'm not sure if I need to be worried about this yet, I still have a few weeks until I start to get race nerves. Until then I'll just keep trucking along and watching the Olympics to keep me motivated. Oh and also reading other marathon training blogs, you ladies are ALL KILLING IT.  

When do you start getting pre-race jitters? 

What's your favorite running sock?

Favorite Summer Olympic event?