Week 13 & 14

I've been late on posting updates, obvi. Catching up now!

8/8 Mon: 7Easy, tired miles in the neighborhood

8/9 Tues: 3x2 mi repeats - totally messed up the workout on my watch, played it by ear but had a really hard time maintaining an even pace without the beeping. 10ish miles total

8/10 Wed: REST

8/11 Thurs: 9 mi tempo, 11 miles total

8/12 Fri: 6.3 easy, treadmill

8/13 Sat: 6.2 mi easy, neighborhood

8/14 Sun: 16 mi, Lake Wash Blvd

8/15 Mon: 5.15 mi, pathway near my Mom's house

8/16 Tues: 2x3 mi repeats @ Seward Park 10 mi total

8/17: Wed: REST

8/18 Thu: 9 mile tempo, 11 mi total at the Lake. 

8/19 Fri: 5 miles easy, treadmill

8/20 Sat: 8 miles easy, neighborhood

In addition to running, it's been summer time to the max around here. Family visits, seeing all of my nieces and nephews, several cousins, in-laws, boating, SUPing very briefly but officially for the first time, reading, relaxing etc etc. It's felt very much like the summer I have been waiting for with the temperature finally hitting the very uncomfortable level and that feeling of not being home for more than 10 minutes without something to do coming up. So far, so good. 

Next week I move up to 10 mile tempos which is freaking my shit out, but all the strength workouts will be ones I have already done before. I'm looking forward to attempting the 3x2 mile repeats again this week with a correct workout setup on my Garmin. I have become incredibly dependent on the annoying vibrating bleeps that come from my wrist when I have to hit a certain pace. 

Oh, and the mystery foot pain turned out to be ill fitting shoes and I feel like an idiot about the whole thing so I don't really care to discuss it. Moral of the story = get fitted for shoes. 

How's marathon training going for all y'all? Any Hanson's people that can offer thoughts on what a tempo feels like in comparison to the actual race day feel? I'm getting nervous about making it the whole 26.2 at MP but don't really remember how my workouts felt on the Higdon plans before. 

Gotta go, sweating through my clothes in the home office. It's not pretty!