Week 11 + Running with Long Hair

7/22 Fri - 5.05 Treadmill 

7/23 Sat - 8.13 Neighborhood/Hills

7/24 Sun - 10 Lake Washington

 Actually did something social after a Sunday run! 

Actually did something social after a Sunday run! 

7/25 Mon - 5.00 Treadmill

7/26 Tues - 6x1 mile repeats + Run Commute 10.3 total miles

7/27 Wed - REST

7/28 Thurs - 8 mile Tempo + W/up C/Dn Run Commute 10 total miles 

7/29 Fri - 5 miles easy neighborhood

7/30 Sat - 8 miles easy Lake Washington

This week has felt pretty good mentally and physically, good enough that now it's dipping into paranoia about what is going to go wrong between now and race day. I'm thinking a lot about fueling, even though I'm doing it wrong, and about my physical body. Turns out I can't eat kale salad 12 hours before a run without planning for a port-a-potty stop. You'd think that would be something I would know. I'm waffling back and forth between being proud of myself for making it this far into training and starting to believe it might work, and waiting for the other shoe to drop with an unexpected injury or some sort of other barrier to pop up. This morning I tried to focus a lot on enjoying the good feeling run I was having instead of over thinking everything. Sometimes on a good run I can trick myself into thinking that the race is going to feel just as amazing (rarely true) or that the good feelings are just a huge fluke (also rarely true). So today I tried instead of going from one extreme to the other, to sit in the happy zone and enjoy what was happening in those miles, knowing that it may or may not feel like this in a few weeks on mile 18 on slightly rocky terrain with hundreds of other people in god knows what kind of NW summer weather we'll be having. It could feel way worse, it could feel way better. Today felt like yes, I'm a runner and I am training and this is what it feels like for my body to run right now. That's all. Staying in the headspace of the current run instead of pinning all my emotions on what this could mean for any of my future runs was a relief. I ended feeling strong with a little left in the tank. I didn't want to blow my wad today since there are 16 miles looming for tomorrow. 

Another thing to note about this run was that my hair was in a pony and not braids, and when I finished I could actually run a comb through it. THIS IS A MIRACLE. I usually braid to prevent the wad of hair that a ponytail will usually turn into after a few miles of wind and sweat. This morning I tried to preserve the straight hair I've been sporting since Wednesday by adding some serum to it before heading out. Yes, it looked a little greeeezy when I left but by the time I got home I was really happy that it managed to keep itself from cannibalizing into a giant knot. Now I'm chilling in my compression sleeves and semi-okay looking hair and feeling pretty, pretty, pretty good in my filthy office. 



Why is running so effing mental??? 

What's your favorite Larry David quote?