Superstition and Sock Sacrifice

July 3 Sun - 10 mile long run @ the lake

July 4 Mon - 6 easy miles @ the park

July 5 Tues - 6x800m w/ 400m recovery 6.7 miles total

July 6 Wed - rest

July 7 Thurs - 5 mile tempo w/ 1 mile w/up & c/down 

July 8 Fri - 5 easy treadmill

My long run on Sunday was pretty fun but also really terrible. I spent a lot of the first half worried about how slow I was going, all the tiny aches and pains I could feel, how I spend a lot of time thinking about how I can't do this whole Hanson's training plan etc etc. I was stressing about the fuel that I had packed. I was stressing that my whole nutrition plan was garbage (especially after listening to this podcast). I was stressing about how much time it was going to take me to run the future 10 mile tempos in a few weeks before work. It was all a lot of garbage. Then I found a fountain at mile 3, gulped my Honey Stinger (delicious! mostly clear! worked with the invisalign!) and restarted. The next 7 miles felt so much better. I tried to enjoy the views on one of my favorite running paths along Lake Washington and get over it. I did. It was fine. 

 For my own reference - Orange Mango was delicious. 

For my own reference - Orange Mango was delicious. 

I was also wearing this shirt for the first time:



After partially Marie Kondo'ing my running clothes (I could probably stand to do a few more rounds) I actually got rid of some old race shirts that I didn't really like or want to wear. But this guy, this one is my absolute favorite but strangely enough I had never worn it before Sunday. That's right. It's sat patiently waiting in my dresser drawer for 3 years until I could work up the nerve to wear it on an actual run. It's like I thought it was going to lose its power or magic if I wore it. I mean, I am worried about stinking it up, but really I think I was just being superstitious. Turns out it fits great and I love wearing it. So glad I did that I've worn it again already this week, after a wash of course. My goal is to keep this shirt from smelling as rank and foul as all my other running clothes. I would like to keep the shirt from my first marathon from smelling like butt. 


I have also been slowly incorporating my new Saucony Triumph ISO 2's into the rotation. Right off the bat they feel a bit roomier than my 1's which I didn't think was possible. They are definitely cushy and wide enough where I need it, but the jury is still out, I'll update in a few more miles. I'm noticing some strain in the arch of my left foot lately and I'm worried it's due to lack of support and the extreme flatness of my feet. Apollo also ate one of my favorite Balega socks (pictured above before the incident) so if anyone has a single they'd like to donate to my now lone favorite neon green sock it would be greatly appreciated. 

Are you sentimental or superstitious about running gear? Any weird rituals?

What's the best sock you've run in?