Miles Lately + Running Stores

Sunday 7/17: 15 mile long run

Monday 7/18: 7 miles easy neighborhood

Tuesday 7/19: Track Treadmill Tuesday 4x1200 repeats, 6.30 total miles

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 7/21 Thursday 8 mile Tempo + w/up c/dwn 10 miles total RUN COMMUTE!

 Feeling a little spazzy after my run commute. In new shoes!

Feeling a little spazzy after my run commute. In new shoes!


Notes on the Long Run: Ugh, Invisalign. I really need GU's for fueling so I can take it and wash it down at the water fountains, but due to some poor planning and lack of running supplies at a local Safeway I had to resort to the chews I had left hanging around. I chopped them up (not easy, very sticky) and wrapped them up in plastic wrap. At the usual 3 mile-ish mark I unpacked some lumps and threw 'em back. It sort of worked. I kind of choked a bit and then at the next water fountain held on to some of the lumpy chews in my mouth away from the Invisalign and tried to let the melt for a few miles. Overall it was kind of a disaster. My mouth and trays felt really gross. Later that day I went to Road Runner Sports and got a box of GU's + some Clif Shot Gels to keep it interesting. I'm looking forward to trying these out this weekend. The running part went pretty well. I didn't have the total shit first three miles I usually do and the nothing terrible happened. I saw lots of cute wildlife, other runners, great lake views, and really enjoyed the run. It was weird thinking that I ran almost the max I'm going to for the whole training. In a few weeks I'll run a few 16s and then boom boom boom marathon. Yikes. 

Notes on some shoes and the running shoe store: So y'all know how in love I am with my Saucony Triumphs. Like In LOVE. So it really bummed me out when I couldn't find them again at the running shoe store. I went ahead and tried the Triumph 2's. I bought them from Road Runner and ran a few runs in them while simultaneously developing a pain in my left arch. I kept rotating in my 1's with the 2's and when I'd use my old ones, the pain would go away. I went in on Sunday to return the 2's and walked out with the suggested replacements, the Saucony Ride 9's. The whole thing was really seamless and so far my Ride's are working out pretty well. I had them tied a bit too tight the first run and my toes went numb, but since I loosened them up they've been pretty nice. They aren't as cushy as the Triumph 1's and I am still tempted to hunt them down on Amazon in my size, but for now these will work and they feel fine.  Moral of the story is I love Road Runner Sports and the return policy for shoes and being able to try them out for miles to see if they really work. You just can't tell trying them on once or reading about them online if shoes are going to work for you. This takes that risk out of buying new shoes. I usually feel guilty doing this kind of thing, but it makes sense for a running store and I really appreciate it. 

Hope you guys are having a good running week. My under arm is chafed like crazy from my iphone holder on this morning's run. I hope this didn't happen to you. Happy trails!