Week 7-ish and Eastern Washington Trail Run

Miles since last update:

6/23 7 miles - 5 tempo, 2 w/up/c/d

6/24 4.15 treadmill

6/25 8.06 miles neighborhood easy run

6/26 8 miles in Vancouver! Mom visit

6/27 4 miles in neighborhood. watch died at mile 3.3, I worried I would die

6/28 7.5 miles - Track Tuesday! 8x600 meter repeats. DEATH. Mega digestion issues, pretty tired, used weird porta potty at 5am. 

6/29 Rest

6/30 7 miles - 5 tempo, 2 w/up/c/d

7/1 4 treadmill miles

7/2 6.42 Trail Run - Photos below!


The beginning, when everything was good and lovely. Before I saw all the bear poop and cougar tracks. 


I ran my fastest miles EVER down hill. The first 2 miles were uphill and felt like I was going to murder my spouse for recommending this run. The elevation was a bit more than I am used to plus the incline was a bit intense.  Then I started the downhill and realized I was the only human for miles and started to enjoy it. AMAZING. 


The foliage, so lovely! When I wasn't running from imaginary wild cats I was taking in some breathtaking views. 

Earlier in the week though it was a different story. These AM runs are resulting in some interesting outfit choices, including wearing shirts backwards. Like. A. Boss.


Back V Neck, anyone?


The miles are starting to pile on, tomorrow I have 10 on deck which is my longest so far. Maybe I'll start some fuel experimenting? Does anyone have any recommendations for clear gus? I can't really tell what color they are until they are spilling all over my hands attracting various bugs. I have also been noticing that any extra activities are starting to fall by the wayside and my runs are taking more time. I need to pay a little more attention to what I'm eating nights before track and tempo runs, it seems to have a very direct and uh, urgent effect on my running. I also need to get a massage like you wouldn't believe. My shoulders are super tight from aerial and then work (computers amirite??), my quads are grumpy some mornings more than I would like, and the arch of my left foot is really mad about some lack of support. Saving my pennies this month for a little time with my favorite masseuse and making sure to get my stretching in after ALL runs. 

Okay, time for netflix, dessert, and sleep. NEED SO MUCH SLEEP.