Week 9 Training+ Some Thoughts

At least I think it's week 9?

7/9 - 6 mile easy around the neighborhood

7/10 - 10 mile long run at the lake

7/11 - 6.1 mile easy around the neighborhood

7/12 - treadmill (track?) tuesday: 5x1000m repeats, 400 rest between, 1 mile w/u, 1 mile c/d

7/13 - REST

7/14 - 8 mile tempo + 1 mile w/u, w mile c/d RUN COMMUTE OMG

7/15 - 5 mile easy treadmill + Ariana Grande sing along

7/16 - 5 mile easy neighborhood

Some observations from training this week:

Before a few of my runs on the weekends and the tempo on Thursday I've been trying to drink a bit of nuun. I was reading some random running thing (sorry for lack of citations!) that was talking about the importance of electrolytes and sodium in helping your body actually utilize the water you are drinking before a run. Too many runs have been run with water sloshing in my stomach and a lingering queasy feeling when I thought I was helping hydrate. Changing up from drinking 24-32 oz before a run to 8-16 of nuun has helped alleviate the queasy feeling and keep me hydrating, at least it feels a lot better when I do it. 

GUs + water are good at mile 3 of a long run. I'm out of GUs. I have a long run tomorrow. Time to go shopping. 

Easy runs are FUN. I'm trying to remind myself that easy runs are doing a lot of the work in this training plan. By that I mean they are doing the mitochondria building magic that the Hansons talk about, they are slowly fatiguing my legs so when I keep running on them I'm building up endurance. They are making my heart stronger. They are helping maintain and increase my fitness level. Plus, they are EASY so they are fun! I can control my facial expressions a little better so my neighbors don't think I am constantly having a stroke or holding in the biggest poo when I pass them on the run. I actually have enough spare energy and breath to say "hello" or "good morning" instead of grunting and lifting my fingers limply as I pass. I will let myself be stressed about 2 runs a week (tempo and track) and that's it. All the others should have a more relaxed and fun feel. It's making this plan seem less like 16 weeks of death and more like 16 weeks of becoming a better runner who likes running. Weird, right?

Shoes make a difference. I became a Road Runner sports VIP member so I get that fancy 100 day trial for my shoes and boy is it a good thing. I am taking a pair back tomorrow and hoping to get a pair that's better for me or order a repeat of what I have now (Saucony Triumph ISO). The arch of my left foot felt tight and cramped, so I switched back to my old shoes and tada! the pain went away. I hate when shoes change or my favorites get retired. Especially in the middle of training for a race. Fingers crossed I can find some to get me through the next half of this training plan without my feel falling off. 

The long run gets real tomorrow so wish me luck. Hopefully I can get my hands on some GU between now and then!

What's your favorite fuel?

What's your favorite shoe?

What do you think about treadmill speed workouts? Yay or nay?