Two Things To Talk About

1. The last two long runs I've done suck for the first 3 miles and then I eat a gel of some kind all at once washed down at the water fountain and everything gets better. Gels are a must now with the Invisalign and I have to have copius amounts of water to go with it and rinse out my mouth. Also it has to be mostly clear-ish so it doesn't stain. The trials and tribulations of a brace face runner.  Scraping the bottom of the barrel with this flavor. 


2. I moved a track workout to the treadmill yesterday morning and I feel a little guilty about it. I think I need to push out my wake up time a bit since I think the main reason I avoided the track was due to a little fear of the dark. Next week is the last official speed workout and from then on it's officially "strength" workouts. Hmm. We'll see how that goes. Oh and ps it's week 9? Wtf.  

Happy hump day y'all!