Marathon Training Continues!

I think I'm on week 3 of Hansons Beginner plan. It's hard for me to track since it started on a Thursday, but I'll just go with week 3. Today was 5 miles and was my longest pre-work run. I have been extremely thankful that I moved my runs to the morning with the heat wave we've been having. There is no way I could get myself out the door after work in 85 degree weather just yet, I need to get my summer heat endurance under me first. It was a beautiful morning, tank top and shorts weather from the start even before the sun came up. I even started to see more people in my neighborhood out and about at the ungodly hour. It was really nice. Upcoming runs for the week are all easy paced - 3,3,5,5. I had to double check this morning with the schedule, but I'm still really enjoying these runs while simultaneously getting more freaked for the upcoming speed workouts. My legs do not speed in the morning, they stutter and shuffle. It's going to get weird.


Last night I continued my cooking streak by making the Warm Corn Avocado Salad. It was really good with tortilla chips and super easy to put together. Sometimes I really like corn and last night (plus a little leftover breakfast) was one of those times. Word to the wise though, red onions are intense and will not be forgotten. It's kind of disgusting, but they tasted okay in the moment even though they are something I usually remove from all of my recipes. 


 I think the most useful part of the website I've been getting most of my recipes from is the cost breakdown. It's encouraging to know that I'm actually saving money when I make meals that aren't pre-processed since sometimes at the grocery store it can feel like it's cheaper to go with the pre-made stuff. I'm still in the gathering data phase of creating a food budget and am trying to determine how much our household actually eats, especially with marathon training increasing weekly along with my appetite. Eventually I'll need to learn how to make some more energy dense foods for pre-run snacks that are easy on the guts. Any recommendations?

Happy Tuesday All! What does your running week look like?