Recipe Snapping and Running

You guys, I just did something that I really have never done before and loved it. I looked up a few recipes online, went to the store with a list, only bought the items on the list, came home, and made an amazing lunch. I know this sounds really basic and not exciting at all but I am not a cooking person. I bake occasionally but mostly I just mush together some ingredients, eggs are usually involved, and call it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In an effort to save some money, be a little more healthy, create less waste, and all the other good things that go along with cooking at home instead of eating out, I was inspired by Gretchen and popped over to budgetbytes to flag a few recipes to attack this weekend. Today I attempted the Greek Chicken Pasta Salad. 


I snapped the whole thing and it's still up if you want to check it out. (Girlsammmm on snapchat) It was actually surprisingly enjoyable and I'm really glad I tried it! I have a couple more recipes I bought ingredients for and want to put together for leftovers throughout the week. Since moving my runs from the afternoon to before work, I have more time in the evening to prep and cook dinner. To most people this may seem like a blessing but I really stress out when it comes to my cooking abilities. I don't feel like I can't, I just don't ever feel prepared to do it. Prepping a list for the grocery store seems so *duh* but I rarely do it, and it made such a difference today. I spent less than I usually do with the exception of a miscalculation in the bulk spices section. (Always weigh people, always weigh.) It totally changes my attitude about cooking from stressed to excited. I'm going to try to make this a regular thing, this cooking thing. #adulting


Speaking of morning running, this last week of training has been going pretty well! I'm still in the beginning stages, so no strength or speed workouts, but all the easy miles have been really nice and pleasant so far. This week was:

Mon: Memorial Day, rest day.

Tues: 4.15 easy neighborhood (4 easy on schedule)

Wed: rest day - Global Running Day. Oops. 

Thurs: 3 treadmill + 1.05 neighborhood miles (4 easy on schedule) It was raining when I started but then let up after a few minutes so I jumped outside for the last mile to make sure and get a hill in for the day. 

Fri: 4 treadmill (4 easy on schedule) Rushed morning as a single dog mom, stayed close to home for my fur babies and to make sure I made it to work on time. 

Sat:4.04 neighborhood (4 easy on schedule) I tried to get out early to beat the heat today and just barely made it. If I would have had to run any farther I would have melted and it was only 8:30 by the time I finished. This was a good confirmation that I made the right decision switching my runs to the AM for this training cycle. I am a heat weenie. Also, I ate my oatmeal too close to take off and the first mile was questionable as was the last half mile. Note for tomorrow - cool it on the breakfast fiber. 

Sun: 5 easy on the schedule - TBD.

It's supposed to get to 90 tomorrow so I'm setting up the kiddie pool for the pups and planning on doing a whole lot of nothing. Maybe I can do some yardwork in the morning but no promises. 

What's your ideal running weather?

What's your favorite easy and cheap recipe?

Are you a good cook?