Marathon Training Week 6 + My First Track Tuesday

Run update:

Tues 6/14: 5 Easy outside

Wed 6/15: Rest

Thurs 6/16: 4.2 Easy Treadmill

Friday 6/17: 5 Easy outside (BEAUTIFUL SUNRISE OMG)

Saturday 6/18: 4.1 Easy outside

Sunday 6/19: 6 Easy @ the park, first time using a "Workout" on my Garmin. 

 Sunday Run View

Sunday Run View

Monday 6/20: 4.1 Easy Outside

Tuesday 6/21: 12X400 repeats, 1.25 mi W/Up & C/Dwn

I used the Workout feature on my Garmin for the first time this weekend and it was amazing and simultaneously super annoying. Turns out I have no idea how to stay on pace and require multiple buzzing and bleeping reminders from my wrist as I try to find it. I wanted to make sure I was actually hitting and staying within my predetermined easy pace on Sunday so I attempted a 1 mile warm-up at v. easy, and then bumped it up super slightly for 4.5 miles and then cooled down for the last half mile. I had no idea how it was going to work and was so embarrassed at the racket my watch was making trying to get me to settle within the 15 second window I had given myself, I kind of missed the first mile. I guess that's one way to speed up a workout! But after I settled in at easy pace of 9:30-9:45 for the majority of the run, it was really nice! It worked out pretty well considering the park is a relatively flat loop, so there weren't any dramatic shifts in effort. I will definitely be using this feature throughout marathon training to help keep me on target. Setting it up on Garmin Connect was super simple and I look forward to playing with all the features. 

 Duck feathers and duck poop. Not pictured: really cute ducks at the park.

Duck feathers and duck poop. Not pictured: really cute ducks at the park.

This morning I woke up, rolled out of bed and started to put on my running clothes. I actually asked myself "Is today the day you quit?" and then meekly answered "no" and continued to get dressed. I had never done a speed or track workout before and was terrified that somehow I was going to mess it up or fail all of Marathon by screwing up this workout. I picture myself as a pretty casual and relaxed runner so adding this kind of workout just felt so serious. I was worried it was somehow going to prove I wasn't really a runner, just a lame poser. (Don't ask me how my brain works.) Turns out I didn't fail Marathon and everything worked out pretty well, except for the chafing. 

I ran 1.25 mile easy warm up which is not totally easy that early in the morning, but whatever it was a warmup. Then I attempted my first 400 on the way into the track and the following 11 on the oval. It's a micro oval at an elementary school, but it still works. I had a difficult time staying on pace with each of the 400s at first, starting too fast and then overcompensating, and then all of a sudden it was over because it's only 400 meters. I definitely felt fatigued by the time I got home, but also completely warmed up. It ended up being almost 8.5 total miles which I wasn't expecting (not good at track math yet). I also did them about 5 seconds too slow according to my goal pace, so I'll have to update that for next weeks speed session. At this point though I'm just really happy I did it and did all 12 AND made it to work relatively on time and not broken. The one thing to report is that there was some serious #chubrub at attempt number 8 so I will definitely be wearing capris next week. 

I think my official goal time is between 3:50 and 3:55 for the race. It's not too specific for a couple reasons. I'd like to end up sub-4 because that's a very clear goal and would be a PR. Anything more than that I'm not sure of though. It's been 2 years since I ran a marathon and my running record has been spotty since then with injuries and mental breaks dotting the timeline. I wanted to run a track workout first before totally committing to this time, and still want to leave it flexible. I have my first MP tempo on Thursday which will help me get a better idea of where I'm at and if my goals are really workable. I will base my workouts around this pace and see where I end up. It's a challenge alone just attempting Hanson's so I'm pretty stoked to have made it this far (6 weeks, lol). 

Now it's time for aerial and maybe sleeping in tomorrow since it's an official rest day. Funny thing is I don't mind that I just ran 6 days in a row, it was kind of awesome. I'm going to try and soak in this feeling because I have a suspicion it's fleeting. 

Did you run today?

What's your favorite track workout?