I wouldn't call my run this morning bad, but it was definitely not as great as they have been lately. Most of the struggle came from sleep loss hangover and attitude problems. I woke up groggy and unmotivated, so I resigned to the basement treadmill, even though it was a perfect and dry 49 degree morning outside. It's almost the longest day of the year too, so daylight was not an issue. I tried to enjoy the flat, truly easy run this morning but after my progress lately becoming a more outdoor AM runner, I felt a little defeated and disappointed in myself. We're not even into the rough part of marathon training yet and I'm already falling back into my easier habits! I think I'm most frustrated because I don't actually think my physical training suffered, but my mental game  failed me today. I have been getting better about talking myself into getting out the door so well recently, but not today.

I was reminded of Tuesday's aerial class as I realized my shoulders were still sore around mile 2 and it felt like I was carrying sandbags off my neck.  I can't discount the long Tuesday workouts as not contributing to some of the fatigue. They will always be a long day for me and I absolutely have to get enough sleep and eat really well to make sure I survive, and that I'm ready for what will become my Thursday tempo runs. 

I got miles in this morning and I'm proud of that. I need to keep working on my mental strength though if I'm going to make it through this training. 

What do you do to stay on top of your self-talk?  

What's your current power food for long days and workouts?