A Great Weekend + Nerves

Since we last talked, here's a training update:

Sunday: 5 miles with BFFs. One with a baby jogger *killing it* and the other on a bike playing paparazzi and scout. Example of my best running face and my running claws below. Does this happen to anyone else? I swear my fists are relaxed, but it just looks like I'm trying to imitate a t-rex. 

Monday: Rest Day. THRILLING. 

Tuesday: 5 easy miles in the morning. My first thought after stepping off my porch and starting my watch this morning was how I wished I had someone to run with. Running with friends will do that to ya I guess. It just doesn't even feel like running when you're with friends. 

In addition to the almost daily runs, I've been re-reading Hanson's to get ready for the uptick in miles I knew was coming. I guess I just sort of forgot though how much of an increase it is. This is my last week with Mon and Wed rest days, and my last week of only easy runs. In 7 days I start my first speed session (ever) and Thursday will be my first real tempo. I've tried in the past, but after re-reading I was reminded that tempo runs for Hanson's are at Marathon Pace. I'm worried it's going to be more of a wake up call than I had originally intended when setting my goal paces. My legs are getting fatigued just looking at my calendar for next week and I'm getting nervous.

My mental game is going to need some work this week. This is just the beginning of the training plan and if it wasn't hard then it wouldn't get the results I'm shooting for anyway. Let's just hope I can get through all of the miles smart and without added injuries. 

This all reminds me that I need new shoes. I'm in love with my Saucony Triumphs and am tempted to move up to the 2's. Anyone tried them?