Same Run, Different Outcome + Animals!

Yesterday I ran 3 miles, the same 3 miles I had run the day before, but I noticed it felt very different than the previous run. I have been trying to ignore my watch for the first mile of every run lately since the number had been pretty dismal, but as it beeped in on Friday it was almost a full minute faster than Thursday. Crazy! Other than the run being on the same route, here are some things that were different. 

-Thursday I ran right out of bed before work. Friday I woke up and had about an hour before the run. 

-Thursday I didn't fuel at all, Friday I ate a bowl of oatmeal and digested before starting.

-Thursday no coffee, Friday 1.5 cups and about 20 oz water. 

Moral of the story - morning runs are hard. Especially if I just roll out of bed and try to run on dead asleep legs. Also, coffee is magic and carbs help too. I hope running on sleepy legs in the morning right out of bed is making me get faster and I just won't be able to tell until marathon morning. Good strategy. Right. 

Another cool thing that happened yesterday was my pace staying relatively steady even though the elevation was not. Usually these comparisons on my garmin are the inverse of each other - hill goes up, I slow down. For some reason though I was able to keep that more under control this time. I also switched my screen from pace/time/distance to heart rate after mile 2 and I really think that helped me keep it easy. 


This mornings run was nothing to write about, 5 miles on an out and back from my house. A cool thing happened completely unrelated to my running though. I was watching an adorable bunny hop across the street as I neared my house and noticed something else waddling near a parked car. It was this guy!


After speeding home and grabbing my phone, I trotted up to him and he just let me snap some photos and a video of him. It's a Chukar! I've never seen one up close, only drawn on packages for cherries, lol. He made some cute noises and then moseyed across the street after our photo shoot. Running you guys, really is exciting right?

Tomorrow I'll be running another 5 easy and hopefully with some BFFs, so maybe there will even be pictures. I can't promise anything though. Happy Weekend!

What are you running this weekend?

See anything awesome/interesting on the run?