Sunday Motivation

Soemtimes, especially Sundays after a long run, I struggle to get me shakeout run in. I like to drink coffee, wake up slowly, read all the social media, and be a slug. I will tell myself that I can get a run in at the end of the day but it usually just gets harder and harder to get that done as the day progresses. It spills into the next day even - if I run Sunday evening I won't run Monday morning since it's not a full 24 hours rest. I have these excuses down pat. So today, instead of reading other running blogs about how they have improved times or got 700 miles in that week, I used the peer pressure for good. I took about 50 selfies of me in my running clothes that will never see the light of day, landed one shoe shot, and headed out the door. 


It was an ugly struggle the first mile, but after that I was warmed up and grateful to be running however slow. If I'm going to tackle Hanson's, I'm going to need a strong mental game for getting out the door. Today was good practice but kind of disappointing too that it took so much effort and merited its own blog post. Fingers crossed for this summer. 

Do you think social media is inspiring or discouraging when it comes to your running?

What gets you out the door for runs you know are going to be hard?