Gels and SSS Run

It was a lovely 11 mile run morning from my house to Husky Stadium. It was so amazing and beautiful but also sss: snotty, salty, sweaty. 

I started at 8am and my face was drenched in sweat by mile 1. I don't know if it was a mix of sunscreen or just heat but it got drippy quickly. Then the snot joined in. The cold symptoms have mostly left my body but my nose was on full blast and my lungs were at about 75%. My tank topuickly became a Kleenex.  By the time I finished my salt beard was in full effect and I looked like a mess. Doesn't matter, I ran 11 miles (maybe) and had gorgeous views. 

One tiny weird thing that happened at the beginning of my run was a small Garmin seizure. Poor thing thought I was running 40mph if or about .25 miles and got very confused. Not sure what this did to my avg pace, but once I got down the steep hill from my house it caught it's breath. Does this happen to anyone else?? The map shows me running around in crazy patterns for the first minute of my run, must have been a rogue satellite. 

For fuel I grabbed some of my last gels and stuffed them in my fanny pack (it's back!!). The Carb Boom tasted like sour banana mash causing me to check the expiration date. It was fine and ultimately worked out pretty well. I just took swigs quickly at 35 minutes and got it all down in about 5 min total. I started the E Gel around mile 8 and was really happy to be getting in some more fuel at this point. It tasted like Sprite! I was worried it would be gross and chemically, the brand is Crank Foods, but actually wasn't bad. Both were new to me and tasted fine (6.5/10) but unless Stridebox sends me more I probably won't repeat. The only gels that I will seek out are Honey Stingers and that wonderful Hammer hazelnut chocolate one from a few weeks ago. 


I've been enjoying trying all the gels lately because they are pretty portable and a one-and-done kind of thing. The chews can take a while and kind of feel like I'm trying to get cavities when they are stuck in my molars for miles, but that's what's up next in the Stridebox backlog. 

Running goals for the rest of this weekend include a shakeout tomorrow and maybe some more intense stretching and foam rolling tonight. What's your weekend run game?