Happy Memorial Day!

I hope you get today off from work and I hope you do something lovely!

As promised, here's a little recap of my last few miles. 

Sat - 7 mild miles with BFF (3 Easy on schedule)

Sun - 4.1 easy treadmill miles (4 Easy on schedule)

Total Miles for the Week: 21.2

Saturday I was able to meet up with BFF and run on her trail for 7 miles. Let me just preface this by telling you a bit about my amazing friend. She is working her way up from running 3-4 days a week to 6 days a week and hitting workout PRs like a madwoman. She's killing it in the nutrition game, raising the best almost 11 month old baby girl I've ever met, and is the one who found the Iron Horse Half Marathon in August for us to run. I had 3 miles on the schedule, but didn't feel too bad adding a few more since it meant a longer hangout. It was sputtering rain for a bit of the run, but mostly felt nice in a refreshing but not soaked sort of way. If I were to have done 7 on my own I would have done a lot more complaining later. This whole run flew by and was wonderful.

After the Saturday run I decided to hop on the treadmill for my easy 4. Boyfriend was dressed and ready to accompany me on my run but then the sky opened and torrential rain took over our neighborhood. Next time though I am definitely making him come with me. It felt good and easy on the treadmill and was a good mood boost. Randomly my left ear has been ringing for a few days now and it was seriously bumming me out. Typing symptoms into google is a pretty terrible idea but I went deep anyway. That was a tough one to get out of, let me tell you. It's still roaring/ringing today, but I'm trying to ignore it because that always works best. Fingers crossed!

After the run we saw X-Men Apocalypse and came home to do some yard work. It miraculously cleared up after we got out of the movie so we tried to take advantage of it. Now we're off on an outdoor adventure to celebrate the holiday and get my legs moving in a non-running way since it's a day off!

Any great memorial day plans?

How was your weekend running?