More Easy Miles + Dresses

Looks like we made it you guys, happy Friday.  

Running update:  

thurs- 3.1 easy miles outside (3 easy on schedule)

fri- 3.6 easy miles treadmill (3 easy on schedule) 

In an effort to not fall apart or break my body in some strange way this training cycle, I even added some foam rolling, stretching, and/or core work after this runs. 


The low mileage is strange. I know I've said that before and it's not like I was running very much pre-training, but there was a lot of mental build up to marathon training starting and it feels like maybe I didn't need to freak out that much. When the strength workouts and 800s start showing up on my calendar there will absolutely be some meltdowns, but I think I can chill until then. Enjoy the gradual build up! Embrace the mitochondrial changes! Sleep as much as I can!  

After posting about my capsule wardrobe failings earlier this week, I decided to remedy that with some dresses that were on sale at the rack and selling more stuff on Poshmark. (First sale complete, woot!) Brace yourself for some bathroom selfies.  


The serious face is just the paranoia of a co-worker walking in to see me snapping these and dying of humiliation. It's weird because we all know everyone selfies, but I still can't stand to be seen doing it. I'm always super impressed when someone on the bus or train selfies next to me. In public. With people watching (or sleeping). Way to own it.  


This weekend I have two more easy 3 mile runs on the schedule. It looks and sounds incredibly boring, so expect an unnecessarily verbose evaluation on here in a few days.  


What's on your schedule?

Do you love or loathe training plans?

How often do you selfie?