Weekend Running + Random Updates

Yesterday was a little discouraging to wake up to - raining and rain on schedule for the rest of the day. 

So Run #2 of marathon training was moved indoors. Today was different enough, thank goodness, and I managed to get outdoors. 

Sat: Easy 3.5 (3 on the schedule)

Sun: Easy 4.4 (4 on the schedule)

A crappy weather bonus is I worked on some indoor projects that needed to get done and didn't feel guilty. I updated some items in my new Poshmark shop and did a bunch of grocery shopping. Has anyone else tried Poshmark? A friend introduced me a week ago and I'm obsessed. It's a little more fun than taking my clothes to the consignment store and honestly a lot easier when I feel like being a total homebody. Maybe I'll put up a review when I have selling and buying experience to report on. I figured it could be a quick way to clean out some closet items. 

I also tried making Aquafaba to not-so-delicious results, but I am willing to try it again. Aquafaba is bean water, I borrowed mine from a can of garbanzo beans, and when whipped has the same consistency of frothy eggs. It's supposed to be a good vegan substitute if that's something you are looking for. I read about it and decided to experiment. Lesson #1 - use unsalted beans. If not, your recipe takes on a slight beany flavor. Lesson #2 - use parchment paper when baking meringues unless you want meringue shards instead of meringue cookies. I tried to make meringue cookies but I may move on to the buttercream frosting of a vegan lemon meringue pie next. Onward and upward!

 borrowed from  here . 

borrowed from here

Now it's off to a long dog walk, checking out a new bookstore that opened near us, and prepping for the rest of the week. Happy Sunday!