Invisalign and Long Runs

One of my biggest concerns signing up for Invisalign wasn't the 22 hours wear each day I'd have to get in, the constant brushing and flossing, or loss of snacks, but how I would get in fuel during a long run. (Technically that itself is all of the combined things listed above... I see that now.)

I'm supposed to wear these puppies 22 hours a day leaving about 40 minutes per meal with the trays out. But long runs as we know, last longer than just 40 minutes and sometimes go up to the total 2 hours. I googled what gels I could use, if I could carry the trays around with me while running, blah blah blah. My strategy when the time comes is to swig down a clearing colored gel (to prevent staining of course) and rinse with the water fountain as soon as I see it. So, dear readers, I need clear gel recommendations or handheld water bottles so I can switch to Nuun/fancy water fuel instead of gel.  

Also, if this is something you've been through, how do you deal with the snacking issue? I have become very, very accustomed to fighting the runger by eating about 5-6 times a day. 2 breakfast-ish type meals, lunch, 3pm snack, and dinner. Now I'm shoveling eggs in a tortilla for breakfast to keep me full until lunch where I shove another meal in my mouth quickly and then paranoidly brush and floss in the locker room at work. Dinner has been a crazy 30 minutes of eating everything I can find in the kitchen while the Invisalign are out because I am starving after missing my afternoon snack. Being a hungry person is hard. Any advice? Any superfoods that keep you full ( I know, protein) longer between meals that don't get super stuck in your teeth? 

Continuing with the trend of dental issues, yesterday my dentist spent 20 minutes filing the sides of my teeth to make room for the shifting teeth and I'm really hoping that was the worst of this whole process. It was pretty awful. The noise I could deal with, but having the dentist hummed as she pulled really hard with wire razory tools between my front teeth wasn not cool. My body was having a hard time relaxing since I have worked my whole life to keep my teeth in my mouth. Anyone that's been through this before - did you have to get the metal dental floss? How did you deal?

I plan on documenting what I learn works best for me since I couldn't really find good info specific to runners in my searches. Most just devolved into messages boards arguing about how long you should run before needing fuel, it was super annoying. Hopefully it can help other runners going through this too. 

Had any weird dental/medical issues lately? This sounds like a very dangerous question to ask on a blog..... oh well!