Thursday Things

There are some things we need to catch up on and I'm going to try and cram it all in before I have to run to catch my bus for work. Here goes.  

 -Marathon Training Day One is today. I just finished up 3 easy miles as per those Hanson's people said to so I'm at 100% so far. One downside is that I woke up to the most rain we've had in a while so I ran on the treadmill, but other than that my goal has been met for the day.


-I'm a morning runner now (I think)! My goal last week was to convert to all AM runs and so far that has been going great. I did this because as the runs get longer and the weather gets warmer, I wanted to make sure all running was done before I had too much time to make excuses. Also, my weekday runs have been shorter and less frequent over the last 2-3 weeks so it was a nice mild intro to getting up earlier. 

 - I started Invisalign. It's going to be amazing but right now there is a lot of getting used to. I'll probably do a post or two about the process separately because there are some hurdles. The constant brushing and flossing is great because duh, but the reduction of snacking in my life is a huge bummer. My meals all feel a little hurried and slightly painful lately so hopefully this passes. More to come on this process.

- Aerial is still my once a week love. The last three weeks we've had sub teachers for one reason or another and each time I start class disappointed but then leave with a new conditioning move or variation on a skill and everything is cool. It's crazy to me the differences in coaching and skill styles for people who all work at the same place. Each coach has a different background and apparatus focus, so it's fun to tweak some things we've been working on for a while just a little bit. This week I learned a different way to think about how I was approaching basic foot-locks and I feel like my world has been changed. Amazing. 

- I joined snapchat. It makes me feel a little old and crusty, but it is also fucking hilarious sometimes so I am down to clown. If you are into more shoe shots, dog walking scenery, and my life partner trying to avoid be snapped then this is the channel for you: girlsammmm. *that's 4 'm's this time because someone already had my name. Rude. 

 Basically all I snap lately- My shoes in various states of motion. 

Basically all I snap lately- My shoes in various states of motion. 

That's about it for now. I've found that I mental-blog my runs and then forget to actually get them down here in writing, but with Hanson's and the marathon I am going to want to document the next few months for my own record so hopefully there are more frequent posts coming your way.  (if that's what you want, if not uh, sorry?) Hope you are having a pretty good day so far, thanks for reading!