A Saturday Run and Race Planning

This morning I made it to the lake for 10 miles. I took it easy until about mile 6 and held an 8:20-8:30 pace for a few miles. When did a windy 8:30 mile get so tough? There was a lot of self pep talking - "This is how you get stronger" and "You can do this" were coming themes for the last few miles of the run. I ended with some car and grass stretching.  


Technically I think I stretched in someone's front yard for about 10 minutes after my run, but they didn't come out and chase me off waving a broom so it all worked out.


I rifled through the Stride Box archives for some fuel and recovery drank. I started taking the Huma (new to me) around mile 3.5 and it took me a solid 15 minutes to get it all down. It wasn't bad tasting, I just forgot about the chia part of it and the graininess caught me off guard. It just didn't live up to the Hammer gel from last week. Noted for future reference.  


After I got back to the car I mixed this packet of Reload with my finger, because I am classy and forgot any sort of stirring implement, into some water. It tasted a little too fruity for me,  I will soon be going back to Nuun for any sort of non-water hydration and pack a Clif Bar for a quick bite after a run. For now though I have some Stride Box backlog to get through. I have noticed since trying to get some fuel in faster after a run my head and stomach have been feeling better for the few hours following a run, so progress! I am into it. 


Some notes for myself from this run that I don't want to forget.  

-Wind makes a difference, good and bad. 

-I might need to tape up my big toes, these blisters kind of suck. Shoes at 275 miles may need to start rotating in some others.  

-I am easily swayed by other people running around me and that seems to be my biggest challenge holding a pace. I either speed up to catch and pass them or slow down to hold off after they pass me. Need to work on holding my own, no matter what. 

-Saturday morning long runs need to start earlier if I'm going to get to the aerial review. It did not happen today.  

-Eating a whole loaf of French bread and cheese was not as awesome of a pre-run dinner as I thought it was going to be.  


-Cute little Bichon Frise (so?) dogs can turn on a dime and very easily bite ankles. Never doubt their fierceness, watch all dogs closely. 


This afternoon, following some really exciting grocery shopping, laundry, and mild yard work, I went back to my Hanson's book and calendar to re-work my plan. I originally moved around the rest day from the advised schedule but after a particularly tough aerial class this week I realized the way the book lays it out actually works better for me. Sometimes after Aerial I need a day to return to normal walking and upper body movement. My runs usually suck the next day since the class is late in the day and my nutrition gets a little effed. (I come home and pour the contents of my fridge into my mouth and then pass out.)