I started this post in the morning and finished after work. Whoops! Here's an update on my long run this weekend, since that was the highlight of my miles. Saturday I went on a 10 mile long run and it was great! I attempted a tempo (attempto?) which kind of failed because turns out I don't know how to pace myself and am easily distracted by other runners. I also tried some new fuel and a post run drink. I drove myself to the lake, missed a BFF run due to laziness and inability to get the shit that is mine together, so I figured I need to make the best of what I had left of the morning. I headed out and tried to remain calm, keep the pace easy, and hit between 6 and 10 miles. 

At mile 3.25 I opened this new gel I hadn't tried before. I have to preface by saying I've never had Nutella and as an adult have chosen not to have it because I have a feeling Nutella and I would would have some separation issues. This Hammer Gel though, sounds like it might be similar and OMG so good. It usually takes me a few minutes to get a gel down, elegantly sipping over the course of a mile waiting for a water fountain. This thing went down in seconds. There are teeth marks on the wrapper. 


I stopped to wash down the remains at a water fountain and as I started again swore I would never stop mid-run again. My legs all of a sudden felt so heavy and took about a quarter mile to get back to normal. That usually doesn't happen to me so I was a little surprised, but man it sucked for a minute. I turned around at the 5 mile point feeling pretty good and decided that miles 6-8 would be my tempo miles. I wanted to go from about a 9:25 to 8:55. (not sure if that's okay for a tempo, but like I said I don't know how to do this.) I sped up and then heard the footsteps behind me begin. Some dude kept getting closer and closer. The path I run on is very runner heavy so this isn't new, but for some reason I didn't think he was going that much faster than me so for about a mile I tried to hold him off. I checked my watch and turns out he was running about an 8:20 mile so my tempo attempt was all thrown off. Oh well. I slowed down for miles 8-10, trying to really work on an easy pace. My usual strategy is run with everything I have left at the end of a long run so this was a little difficult but I felt so much better than usual when the run was over. Amazing how that works. 


Guzzled some of this stuff when I got back to the car. Protein2GO sample from an old Stridebox for the win. I'm trying to be a little more responsible  about the post-run nutrition and get some protein in immediately after I finish.  


Overall, last weeks runs were pretty good based solely on the fact that I completed my 6 day goal. This weeks goal is uh, something probably similar. I don't totally have the vision this week but I am going to try and survive all the weather, whatever it may be, and keep the runs frequent. F

Happy pseudo Seattle Summer!