TGIF - Weekly Update

Hey hey hey! Guess who finally signed up for some races? This girl. Let's start off with a half marathon in September. Guess who also pulled out her copy of Hansons Marathon Method and has been flipping through it and marking up her calendar? Also this white haired running witch.  

I can't remember the last time I updated on my running workouts so we'll just start with this week, and I'll make it super easy: Mon I rested. Ties-Fri I ran on the treadmill Tomorrow, Sat, I run outside and Sunday is a wild card. I am thinking of using Hanson's for my training plan coming up and I want to get a feel for running 6 days a week. (Even if that means I only ran 12 minutes tonight hahah who cares now I have wine.)  

Official training as per the calendar starts in mid-may. (Can you believe I don't know the exact start date? Who is this person?) For the next few weeks  I'm going to focus on running more days a week and getting in the habit, continuing to build a good base. This week I gave myself the green light to not stress out about miles or pace and get the days in. Next week my plan is to maybe move some of those workouts to the morning, because with the way the training plan shakes out I will need to do that to make myself a human with any sort of afternoon life. 

Speaking of non-running extra curriculars - it's Aerial Spring Break so I went to open gym on Saturday before the break to get in some extra time and had the best time. SANCA has updated their open gym/aerial review time so it's 2 hours on Saturday and I was able to stay the whole time. I worked through a sequence that our coach gave us at our last class and spent some more time on trapeze than I have been in class. It was fun! It made me more pissed for the Spring Break and missed class, so I am definitely looking forward to next week, and maybe even getting back to the review next Saturday!  

Okay, going to eat some pizza and not include any pictures because I don't have any! Hope you have a great weekend!