Low miles and high hills

Hello! Run update for this last week: still no race on the books and it's starting to show.  

Wed: 35 min treadmill

Thurs: 30 min treadmill  

Saturday: 5.3 miles at the park. 9:05 avg pace/48:23 total time

Sunday: 10 min treadmill + hill/sprint workout in the rain.  Photo below for proof of the torrential rain. I got fed up with the treadmill finally and saw a break in the rain out the basement window. Garmin found the satellites and I was off, and it instantly started raining. I wanted to try this stupid hill by my house and get OUTSIDE. 


As you can see, my HR went insane for most of the run. During the flat part I did some quick .05 mile sprints, basically a driveway in a development that hasn't been developed yet in our neighborhood at the halfway point in the hill, and then huffed back up to the house.   I have a feeling this workout will become part of my ambiguous future training plan. 




Another reason for my weekly mileage reduction is these two goons. Due to some family scheduling I am the main dog walker for the next few weeks. The mileage is actually probably pretty equal but more walking than usual. Also, Mira is now training for "how to not be fat" so we've been doing some sprinting and trying to get her off the couch a bit more each day. My little husky is a little husky, sorry bad joke but seriously she is a lump on the couch for most of the day and I feel bad. Girlfriend is born to pull sleds for hundreds of miles!  


The plan for the next two weeks is to not worry if I miss the miles but try to maintain my sanity and get some shit done at work. Hope you all have a great week!