3 Great Things

Hey Internet Babes! Happy hump day, we are almost there. 

This week I've been loving a few things so here they are for your reference, because I know deep down you were absolutely dying to hear. 

Vegan Nut Balls. Seriously, I love googling it, I love saying it, and I love cooking and eating them. Here's the most recent recipe that I've been using to great results, the great results being my husband eating them all before I could get some. Great. 

 Image borrowed from  Detoxinista    

Image borrowed from Detoxinista


Parks & Rec on Netflix. My hairdresser had it on the other day and I had forgotten how amazing this show was. Since then I've been watching it when I doing other things around the house like making Vegan Nut Balls. 


Running Outside. Hey y'all, it was 68 degrees when I headed out tonight on my neighborhood route and I was overheating almost immediately. It was a terrible run, it was my regular regular route but something about the heat, poor snack selection at works today, sore muscles kind of threw it off. Wednesdays are always a little rough after aerial. I don't get enough sleep afterward since class basically runs into my bedtime and my upper body moves like a robot for about a day and a half after. However, I was so happy to get outside AGAIN and take advantage of the beautiful weather. 

What's going on in your neck of the woods? 

Oh PS: Do the first 5 minutes of everyone else's runs feel terrible? I had this revelation today that it would be a miracle to feel good from beginning to end of a run. Has that ever happened to anybody? Let me know. I want to know all the secrets.