Update on the Miles and Hair

I have been a little out of the internet lately. Not on purpose, but my partner in dog parenting was traveling for 3 weeks and living solo with 2 very active puppies leaves little time for blog reading/writing. Oh, and I also managed to break the internet in our house completely the last week so yeah, that happened. Whatever you do, don't hit the big red reset button on the back of the router without your resident techie there to help you to setup the entire network again. Lesson learned. 

Running! It has been so much more fun lately especially with the longer evenings and slightly better weather the last few weeks. Here's what has gone down:

3/19: 8.02 miles/9:07 avg pace with BFF on her trail. We went faster than I thought I could but it felt great and was super fun. YES. Definitely doing this again. I wasn't sore or anything after. I don't know why I was anxious about this. 

3/21 Mon: 30 minutes treadmill. This was my last solo day so I didn't feel bad hopping on the treadmill to shakeout my legs. Easy and relaxed. 

3/23 Wed: 3.26 miles/9:15 avg pace neighborhood run. OUTSIDE = HAPPY. 

3/24 Thurs: 3.11 miles/ 8:42 avg pace neighborhood run. Had a Costco date after so I hustled through my normal route. Sometimes you just need some motivation (e.g. free food samples).

3/26 Sat: 8 miles/8:59 avg pace + 1 mile/9:29 avg pace. I ran from my house to Capital Hill to celebrate the opening of the new Light Rail station up there and then hopped on and rode the train back. It is definitely interesting riding mass transit wearing shorty shorts and slightly chilled after completely cooling down. Also, kind of painful getting off the train and running 1 mile straight up hill back to my house. When I look at it here, it doesn't look that scary, but after a relaxing train ride home it felt not so amazing.


3/28 Mon: 4.02 miles/8:55 avg pace Neighborhood run. It was sunny and cold tonight, I wore shorts again. It's a run that made me feel better about Spring. I'm already feeling some progress on my regular route which makes me hopeful. I'm trying to keep my runs negative splitsy, but I think most of that is stemming from knowing dinner is waiting for me at home. *(some knee pain after mile 1 but I'm ignoring it for now.) 


A non-running related thing - I got my roots updated last Sunday and my hair stylist created this amazing braid and thankfully took a photo of it. There is no way I would be able to recreate this so I'm glad she documented it. If you need a hairstylist who is super talented and super sweet, check out Sara or just follow her IG for some pretty hair shots. 


Also, last week was the final week of my second session of Aerial 1/2. A new session starts tomorrow and honestly I was thinking about it all day today. I really want to get back to eating less sugar and adding some conditioning throughout the week, those 2 things seem to have the most positive effect on my aerial practice. I kind of want to see if I can get more out of my 2 hour class each week since adding a class right now is a little too expensive, and being able to give each move a little more time during class seems like a good way to try this.

Hope you guys are having a great week and getting to run outside!