Tuesdays and Chill

Let's recap the running:

2/21 Sun: 53 minutes treadmill

2/22 Mon: 40 minutes treadmill

2/24 Wed:  45 minutes treadmill

2/27 Sat: 38 minutes treadmill

2/28 Sun: 81 minutes treadmill

So yeah, I've been running and playing around with the treadmill paces a bit more lately. I'm feeling more confident in my legs, probably because my 'mill is a big exaggerator so it doesn't seem that scary to go a bit speedier because well, I'm not going all that fast to begin with. The weather has been crappy and my motivation to get outside after work has been dismal. The funny thing is that I love running lately! I'm totally into the treadmill. It's so convenient, I get to wear stretchy shorts that should not see the light of day. I can have conversations with Boyfriend while he's doing laundry and hanging out in the basement. I can race the spin cycle on the washer for some added entertainment. I can run when it's dark and stormy outside. Mostly I think I love it lately because I can completely check out from reality. 

I don't listen to music when I run outside for safety and for focus. I like to be able to hear what's around me and also pay better attention to how the run is going. Also, I am a clumsy fool and I do not need added distractions or to try and hold something valuable. Running on the treadmill means Top 40 jams and thinking about nothing. I don't have to worry about who is around me, if there are any wild beasts, where the next stop light is, or even if I'm hitting my paces (1. because robot treadmill does it for me and 2. because I've given up on actually having an accurate treadmill pace). It's a very easy way for me to move my legs and get a runners high. 

Now, onto Aerial. UGH I have just been in love with it lately. Unlike running, the challenge isn't just getting to class (or the track), that part is easy. The hard part is getting up the nerve to try new stuff and then also continue to work on stuff that I should know, and get it right. I like the feeling of trying something, failing, trying it again, failing again with more sweat, and then finally 3 weeks later getting it. It clicks! It's amazing! Running is so mental, but usually just getting started and then the muscle memory kicks in and all is well. The endorphins make it pretty good too. Aerial is a different satisfaction. I did 3 pullovers on the low bar today and didn't use my feet on the sides to help me. Boom. We started doing pullovers in class like uhhhhhh months ago. It's really rewarding to see progress. 

With all the good feelings in circus lately, it's reminding me that I need a race to run. I don't even really have a baseline pace for what I think I could run a road half right now which is so weird, but I need to start somewhere. I think it would help with motivation and with getting that feeling of meeting goals back in my running.  How does this plan sound? 

-Sign up for an March/April/May road race 10k-13.1. Go slow and feel sad about how slow I ran. 

-Sign up for an July half to try and beat April/May pace. Feel a bit better about running a bit faster. 

-Run this race in August with friends. Love every second because net downhill and friends. 

Woah. Can I tell you that after just setting up those links above I about hurled at how expensive races are to sign up for? WTF. It's hard to convince myself to sign up for something knowing I'm going to stink at it. Maybe that would help me take it more seriously too... 

I hope you all are having an excellent week. The wind just blew so hard my house shook, so I'm going to go hide in my bed and read/sleep/pretend to not be afraid of every creaking noise this house makes.