Stress, Running, and Stridebox

I am really looking forward to this work project being mostly over very soon. I thought things were wrapping up, but we're still on a steady track of something new popping up every day so my time in the morning I usually had for a bit of blogging has completely disappeared. For the most part I'm keeping my stress levels in check, my dear BFFs are always making sure I am not letting it overrule every part of my life and home life remains super peaceful, so nothing is too out of whack. I'm just ready for something new at work, to get back into other projects and tasks I feel like I've been ignoring. Okay, work rant over. On to the running! 

Since we last chatted, I managed to run 3 weekday mornings last week and a Saturday new neighborhood route. I love getting my run completed in the morning, especially when I feel like work is sucking all of my energy. Running before it has a chance to do that really helps.  

Mon, Tues, Thurs: 40ish minutes on the treadmill, approx 4-4.5 miles each time.  

Saturday: 6.5 miles on a new lake Blvd route I've never run before. Runs in new places or directions always seem to go by faster, this one included. A couple notes to myself to remember: Don't run after eating super fiber cereal and cafe brunch. I have often felt like I'm going to crap my pants on a run, it's just part of the job. But feeling like vomiting is a new one for me. It really felt like I was never going to be able to run this route again because I would have shamed myself so completely that the whole neighborhood and all the cars driving by would have seen and remembered for all time. Thankfully this didn't happen and I was able to breathe through the stomach cramping and swallow the double breakfast I managed to eat. Close one.


My second note to self if to keep my attitude in check when running a route that starts on a serious downhill and ends on that same hill just going up in a terrible direction. The entire run I was dreading the return home. I couldn't even enjoy the sloping downhills toward the lake and the little pickups in pace because I knew it was all going to come back and haunt me. If I could have left some of that anxiety along the way I think I would have enjoyed myself a bit more. 

After last weeks success with morning running, I jinxed myself and could not get out of bed this morning for a repeat performance. It turned out to be alright in the end since I was able to run a bit this evening after work and enjoyed a dry, almost warm-ish, twilight neighborhood run. I even made it to the track for one time around before heading back home. I wore my headlamp hat and a new flashy reflector thingy from my Stridebox so I didn't become roadkill. I don't think I'll ever unsubscribe from the Stridebox, they just know exactly what to send me. Like this Honey Stinger Waffle. It's taking a great deal of self control to not just eat this while sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee. 



They sent this awesome slap bracelet that lights up, flashes or stays steadily bright. It's my new favorite try-not-to-get-hit-by-a-car accessory.  


Sadly I didn't get to my Aerial Review session on Sunday, but Tuesday's regular class was pretty good. I could not get my pullover for the life of me, but I did feel like there was at least some progress. I'll try to get to review this weekend for more gym time, but if not it's more at home core work, pull-ups, and aerial youtubes. 

How are you all feeling this Monday? 

Any good music recommendations? I need something for work that isn't my running mix but doesn't put me to sleep.