Weekend Update

Another week down, some more miles on the books. 

I'm not really training for anything, but I decided over the last few weeks that I would like to continue to build a solid, injury free base. Most of my runs lately have been on the slower side, without gasping for air or trembling legs afterward. I'm running more for total time than pace, and also for a mental reset at the end of the day. I've been re-reading other bloggers 'origin stories' or their 'how I became a runner' posts and it's been encouraging me to stick with getting more miles in at an easy pace. Reading about how other people started at 11 minute paces and are now casually at 7:30 can be frustrating to read about most of the time since I just want to see that incredible change in my own running, but now I'm trying to pay more attention to how they got there. It usually involves a lesson in over-training somehow or trying to go too fast too quickly, but after learning to slow it down and train smarter, they were able to run more and eventually faster. Pro Tip: You can run more if you're not injured. 

I've been running for about 4 years now and have had more setbacks due to injuries than the successes that were surrounding them. I'm letting go of my mental hangup on faster paces and learning I love running no matter the speed. I would like to get faster and I think that will come with time if I can get a solid few months/years of steady and consistent running. Really, the more  I think about my treadmill the liar, the more grateful I am. I trust that every time I run on it I'm running based on feel instead of the paces I think I should be hitting. Yesterday on a run around the park I actually slowed down to get my HR down and it didn't kill me to have a higher min/mile number show up on my watch because I actually just felt good running and not like my heart was going to explode. I finished the run still feeling proud for getting out there and this morning I am not sore and my legs aren't angry. I'll probably run again tonight. Woo hoo!

Here's what the running looked like this week:

Mon: Approx 6.1 miles, 55 minutes treadmill. Having a day off from work meant a little more time for a weekday run. 

Tues: Aerial. Amazing. Loved it. I could definitely work on my flexibility. I noticed my side-splits were just a weird right angle and I was hesitant to push it because I somehow correlate it with my previous knee pain. Anybody know of a connection there?

Wed: 38:35 minutes treadmill, approx 4.4 miles. Felt good after work to hit refresh. Also, that damn Roses song came on twice and I loved it. Why was I so late to this party?

Thurs: Surprise friend visit after work, run rescheduled to Sunday. 

Fri: Rest. Could have run after work but So. Tired. This week, for only having 4 days, has been crazy. 

Sat: 6.9 miles, OUTSIDE THANK GOD. 9:14 avg pace. Pretty chill run until this girl passed me in the last mile and I got all race-y on her. I stuck right behind her and then felt like a total creeper so I jetted off more inspired by embarrassment than anything else. Sorry lady in purple jacket and calf sleeves, but thanks for the 8 minute mile I wasn't expecting!


Sun: To be determined. I need to go grocery shopping, check on some work stuff, and am actively missing the aerial review class I thought I was going to take right now. Oh well. That's the problem with things I'm not signed up for, they can easily drop off my schedule and be too swayed by other things in my day. My plan is to get on the treadmill at some point for 2-7 miles. I'm all about doing what I feel lately.



Hope you guys are having a good weekend and getting in all the running your little healthy hearts desire!