President's Day and Running Recap

It's been a week of indoor runs and I'm okay with that. Here's what went down. 

Mon: 3.41 miles after work, my only outdoor run of the week. It was drizzly and dark, but I loved it. I felt like I needed to get outside after a particularly office-y day. 

Tues: Aerial. Awesome. I did 2 pull overs without hitting the ropes on the low trap. It was a victory and I felt stronger. Hoping to make more progress this week even though I missed Sunday review 2 weeks in a row. 

Wed: 36 min treadmill, approx 4 miles before work and it was TERRIBLE. I woke up before work after a late night of circus and it sucked. I was glad I was running after about 20  minutes, but seriously those first 20 minutes were a mental battle. One thing running in the morning does have going for it is that I am way less likely to quit. What am I going to do, go back to bed sort of sweaty and awake for 30 minutes? I might as well keep going, so I usually do. 

Thurs: 56 min treadmill, approx 6.4 miles. I talked myself in and out of this run on the bus ride home, but eventually got to it after I walked in the door. As usual, I was glad I did. 

Fri: REST. 

Sat: Lots of Netflix, lots of bran cereal and snacks throughout the day instead of getting out for my usual Saturday run. After putting it off for hours and watching the downpour of rain continue, I headed downstairs to see if I could get in a few miles. Turns out, I could! 1 hour and 46 minutes later, my treadmill read 13.1 miles and I thought I should stop. I don't trust the distance on my treadmill, but the time still counts so I'll take it. Pro Tip for my future self: miles 7-10 will feel a lot better if you skip the second bowl of fiber cereal. Really. 


Sun: Rest, some dog walking. 

Mon: President's Day! 55 min treadmill run. Had no idea how my legs were going to feel, but they felt great! I'm loving the slow, flat, easy running lately. 

I think the treadmill and I are having a good week and that works for me with the weather being as rainy and dreary as it has been. Now I am tired just in time for trying to get back to a work-week sleep schedule after 3 days of staying up too late and sleeping in. Oh - I just made some overnight oats with a new recipe so fingers crossed they are good tomorrow morning.