November Review

Just a little behind schedule, but here's the monthly recap for November Miles. 

Total Miles: 146.5 mi

Longest Run: 10.1 mi

Shortest Run: 3 mi

Total Runs: 22

The strategy for this month was the same as October, keep running 5-6 days a week, don't feel guilty about the treadmill and run a pace that feels good. It's been cold and wet here, and we've entered the time of year when the sun rises at close to 8am and sets closer to 4pm than I like. I leave and return home from work in the dark. I took a few extra aerial review classes in preparation for our student showcase this last weekend and I think that usually helps my running feel more centered and balanced. I only ever do core work or strengthening if it's related aerial. 

I realized today I really have zero goals for running other than keeping it up. It still makes me happy, helps me de-stress after work (today, woof), warm-up for circus, get outside on the weekends in the winter, so I'll keep trying to do it. I'll also keep ignoring my pace as much as I can, I'm still enjoying that after a Summer of having my eyeballs glued to my Garmin. 

Tonight I updated my Netflix app and downloaded some episodes for my run and let me tell you, this is such a wonderful thing. The wi-fi sucks balls in my basement which just happens to be where I do most of my weekday running so I've been listening to top 40 jams of shame. However, now I can watch old episodes of Parks and Rec, The Office, Mad Men, who knows what the hell else! I'm thrilled. So thrilled I'm running tomorrow morning and have already downloaded something to watch. My life is so very exciting.