Running + Thanksgiving

Running Update: so boring when I say it out loud, but so necessary for my sanity and health right now. I've been running almost the same as I updated last post - 5-6 days a week averaging about 30 miles/week. Maybe it's because it's an easy non-training level for me to hit and the math is quick. I run a minimum of 6 if it's the evening, 5 if it's the morning and I have to rush before work, and 7 if it's the weekend and I have some extra time. I rotate between my Mizuno WR 19s and my Saucony Rides. I run almost exclusively on the treadmill thanks to weather, daylight, and timing. 

I have no races on the horizon, I just know I need to keep this up so I can keep working on my aerial stamina (4 minutes on the silk is like 4 hours on the roads) and so I don't fall into the worlds deepest depression. I am still in a funk about the election which is fine because I don't want this to be normal. How many times do we have to read "alt-right" instead of neo-nazi? I feel very fortunate to live where I do, it still feels a little like a bubble of safety but that's mostly because I'm white and pretty sheltered. I read this last week and was reminded of how my privilege includes being able to continue to be passive, even when we have a nazi coming into the white house. A man who surrounds himself with people who are extremely vocal and active in their hate for others is going to lead our country (maybe) and I can still choose to sit back and do nothing because my personal safety is not in jeopardy. Yet. I'm encouraged by the outpouring I've seen on social media of donations to PP and other organizations, including Shaun Kings's twitter campaign to fill the Standing Rock Amazon Wishlist. But again, I filter my soc-med feeds to surround myself with like-minded people and can comfort myself in knowing that I won't be challenged in that arena. It's partly a way to continue to educate myself in what I believe in, but it's also a safety net. I've curated a place that is comfortable and safe for me while avoiding things that make me feel less safe, because I can. That's a huge  privilege I have that others don't.

My goal for myself is to push out of the comfort, be kind to those who need it and bold with those who need it. I don't want to shy away from conflict because some people don't have that choice and maybe that's contributed a little to how we got in this mess. Running continues to be my reset and focus time, my checkout from reality and listen to embarrassing pop music time, my way to train myself for the rebellion through self-care. I will continue doing this as well because I can't help if I'm a depressed blob on the couch. Although there is a time and place for that...

I'm not flush with cash these days, but if you have any money to toss around, Jezebel posted a list of organizations worthy of your donations. Check it out HERE. I still feel like that's one of the most actionable ways I can help lately so I figured I should share. I still have a sense of feeling overwhelmed and not knowing what to do, but that's slowly being moved more toward finding ways I can be of service and helpful. That's the goal at least. 

My plans for today include a run after I get my coffee levels up to normal and cooking my first attempt at Thanksgiving. I made a pumpkin pie last night and let me tell you, it is a miracle it lasted through the night it looks so good. I hope you are all having a wonderful day, whether it's a holiday for you or not. I'm feeling pretty thankful that I have the day off work, I am warm and well-fed, I can run and do aerial, I have really wonderful people in my life, and that my dogs chose me to be their earthly guardian. This list could go on for a while but I'll keep it brief just in case you actually read this whole post.