Running + Nov 8 2016

I don't have much in the running world to update - I've been sticking with my usual 5-6 days and ran a 10k last weekend, maybe I'll recap eventually. I've been running lately to keep me focused, to give my brain some time to chill. Since Tuesday night when I ran 7 anxiety filled miles for HRC, then Wednesday night when I ran 5 miles to try and stop crying for a bit, to Thursday night when I ran 7 angry mile as things started to sink in a bit, to last night when I ate bread pudding and candy that will probably make my run a little uncomfortable today, I've just been running for mental health. It's like upping my meds. But Thursday night I caught myself, almost didn't run, because I just thought, what's the use? The platform he used to win this election was one of not giving a fuck about women't health so why should I? 

My brain and heart have been churning since 11/8. If you are also feeling discouraged, go here and donate to an organization (or a few) that you care about. It helps a tiny bit to know you can directly impact people who are going to be most affected by this change. Yesterday I was reading Keiko Lynn's post where she simply asked people to care more, and I am hopping on that and encouraging you to do that as well. She said it better than I can right now, but the request is clear - take care of people around you. Learn about people who are different from you. Have compassion. I realized that my blog title is Girl Sam. For the first time I was really happy it had nothing to do with running, but instead is my tiny platform that I can do anything with and post anything under. I realized that as a citizen of this country I have an obligation to learn much more about what is going on in DC and in local politics, and I have a responsibility to share any info I can about how to spread love and save the fucking planet to people around me. I am required to take more action. Oh, and guess what? I have about 5 readers (on a good day) so I'm not too worried about losing followers. I write about running because I love it and I enjoy the online community that supports it but I also enjoy breathing air, drinking clean water, being able to get to work without the threat of violence to myself or others because of our gender or religious beliefs. There are some bigger things going on in the world and they might need a little more of my attention than I am used to giving them. If only it didn't feel like it was too little, too late. I'm hoping from here on out to be less afraid of what I think people are going to think of me and worry more about the safety of those around me. 

Running has been my sanity through crazy times before and I don't think it will become any less important to me in the future. It's helped me think through big decisions, to focus me, relieve stress, give me some sort of structure in times when I felt like there was nothing for me to hold on to, but right now it is helping me play the part of rebel. I will keep running and taking care of myself because I am a woman and it feels a bit like this country doesn't really give a shit about me other than telling me what I can or can't do with my reproductive organs. I will keep going because I need to have a clear head when digesting some of the evils being uncovered in this country and when learning how to best take care of others around me. I need to have the energy to stay the course, keep fighting, and use the endorphins to try and stay positive. I will not let this motherfucker steal my joy. 

Here we go.