October Review

Like everyone else on the internet, I can't believe it's November already. The end to this election season is finally almost here, thank god, but other than that everything else seems to be flying by. I've been running mostly indoors lately since the sun is setting early and rising late. When I do get outside, the outfits are a little bit neon and a little bit weird.  

 I have since cleaned my room. 

I have since cleaned my room. 

On Sunday 10/23, we loaded up Mira for her first 5k. We ran (eh...kind of) the Dawg Dash surrounded by tons of other runners, walkers, and puppies! It was awesome. She was motivated the whole time, and ran her best mile (including up a tiny hill!), plus she got along great with all the other dogs and runners. Being the same breed as the mascot of the U Dubb doesn't hurt either.

Her race etiquette was near perfect with the exception of one unsolicited face lick of a child standing near us and a few nose up-the-butts. She pooped before the start line, stopped at all the water bowl stops, and greeted her adoring fans at the finish line but unfortunately started greeting them before actually crossing the finish line. She's not too good for her fans, and definitely not too good to add a few minutes to her finish time to spend some time with them. 

Since the race she's been recovering and I've been sticking to the treadmill with the outfits have been consisting of my Oiselle Distance shorts and Zella tops. I don't know why I've been into taking running outfit photos, but it's been happening so you're getting to see them. I think I've just been really comfortable in this outfit lately which is weird. Also, I kept taking photos and my face looked weird so now this is my new selfie pose. 

Running has felt good lately and has been a great mental reset more than training for anything specific. Moving back to running in the evenings makes it a great time for me to completely zone out, listen to jamz, and recap the day or plan for the next. Lately it's been 5-6 days a week about 6 miles for weekdays and a 10 miler on the weekend. I'm trying to maintain the fitness gained during marathon training this summer without destroying my body, so far it's going pretty well I think (knock on wood). Here's to a great month on the books!

Mileage for the Month: 140.2 Miles

Running Happiness Level: Pretty Good