Goldilocks and the Three Runs

Or alternately titled Some Annoying Things That Happened on my Run Yesterday.

I gave myself the luxury of sleeping in yesterday since I'm still enjoying this training plan free time, and planned my run for the evening. After a ridiculous commute home (bus route changes have lead to me be very annoyed and realizing how spoiled I was) I was pretty pissed by the time I got home and was ready to run. I had texted D to feed the dogs in advance so I could just grab one and run upon getting home. I picked Apollo at first thinking a steady run without having to drag a dog up hills and start/stop repeatedly would be nice. I quickly had forgotten how herky jerky he is on a leash and how very distracted he gets by other dogs. A dog with no brakes mixed with other dogs on the path and mossy, wet sidewalks forced us to turn around after almost a mile. 

I exchanged one dog for the other and tried again. Mira was in a mood. She was slow and not even really that tired, just not into going very far without stopping for a fake pee (sniffing, some circling, no pee. She's a great actress.) We made it about another mile before my shoulder was tired from helping her up the hill. 

I dropped her off and tried to set out again, made it once around the block and saw the black clouds coming my way and remembered the whole point of running with a dog was so I didn't have to run solo in the dark, so I turned around with 2.2 total miles on my Garmin. 

I was really irritated. I knew I had to keep running to get this mood out of my system. I started on the treadmill and had no plan, just to run until I felt better. At 1.5 miles my headphones started the bong of death as I like to call their warning sound for low battery. They died shortly thereafter. I ran with my tinny iPhone blasting for the remainder of the 40 minutes. It took about 2 miles on the machine to find a happyish pace and stride, sometimes I just can't get it right on the mill. I wonder if it's worth a tuneup or at least some lube underneath the belt. Either way, the run got done somehow. 

I don't like complaining about running because it makes me so happy and I am incredibly grateful to be able to do it, no matter the surface or the running partner. I felt like I needed to document this though mostly as a reminder to myself of that fact. I could have just not gone last night. I'm not (really) training for anything right now. No one is making me do this. I just know that it's the cure for most things that ail me lately and yeah it's annoying sometimes to make it happen, but it's worth it. 

Dear Self - Run. Just keep trying because it makes you happy. Sometimes things that are annoying and difficult make you happy in the end. Also, there are about a million parallels to life with that so you know, stick with it. Sincerely, Future Self.

 Pretending to be innocent. 

Pretending to be innocent.